The Pension Funk in Berlin: A Hotel Tip for Vintage Lovers & Nostalgic Fans

Hotel Tip for Berlin: The Pension Funk with a lovely 1920s Charme
We payed for our stay at Pension Funk by ourselves. This is a recommendation that comes from our hearts!

The Hotel Pension Funk in Berlin

Immersing into a night in Berlin of the 1920s… Although I am living true to the motto “vintage style, not vintage values” and am really happy to live in the 21st century, this would be a dream for me. The next morning, though, I would want to wake up in the 20s of our century. Well, the best place to wake up in Berlin is the Hotel Pension Funk – alt least in my opion. There, you can dive into the 1920s, whithout making compromises.

Come with me on a little travel back in time. Let me carry you off to a time when phones still had rotary dials. Let’s walk along the creaking floors, admire the lovely wallpapers and get carried away while daydreaming of the golden times (that weren’t actually so golden in reality…).

The lovely Hotel Pension Funk in Berlin

The Pension Funk in Berlin has an amazing 1920s charme with authentic vintage interior. Right at the moment when you enter the front door, you will feel like you went about 100 years back in time. Even the lift is original!

RetroCat at the lovely hallway of the pension Funk in Berlin

The family-run hotel has a very personal and sincere service – a completely different experience to the often quite anonymous hotel groups. You won’t find a reception desk, you will rather get welcomed by the lovely staff that will show you your room. PS: With a key, you can enter the pension whenever you want. So you can defintiely enjoy those long party nights in Berlin.

Hotel tip for Berlin:  A room at the pension Funk in Berlin

The hotel is located in Charlottenburg, very near to the popular Ku’damm. So you are immediately in the city, but the rooms are still quiet and the perfect place to relax after an exciting day in the German capital.

Interesting to know: The Pension Funk is located at the former home of Asta Nielsen, a silent movie star. Old movie posters still remind of her.

Authentic Vintage Interior & a lovely Flair

A lot of the interior is still original from this time. Other furniture from art nouveau got bought later or were restored. You won’t find a TV in your room. But you definitely don’t need one at this place. I recommend to rather discover the wonderful things in the long hallway.

RetroCat in front of an old wallpaper at the hotel funk in Berlin

By the way: This hotel often is used as a set for film and photographs. Photos for magazines like Vogue and Cosmopolitan got produced here. And even super models like Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer stood in front of the camera, here.

Delicious Breakfast & budget-friendly Prices

Breakfast takes place at the saloon with wonderful old furniture and an amazing chandelier. The breakfast definitely is delicious, although the selection isn’t that huge – but still enough.

RetroCat in a room with bathroom at the hotel pension funk in Berlin

Every room at the Pension Funk looks different. We stayed at a room with bathroom and a small sitting area. The bathroom is rather small, but that’s enough for us. All in all, though, the room with its cosy interior is just the perfect place to relax.

The prices for a night are fair and quite budget-friendly. So this is a wonderful hotel tip for vintage lovers that are searching for something very special to stay in Berlin.

PS: I recommend to book you room directly via the hotel website. 😉

The Hotel Pension Funk in Berlin Charlottenburg:

Fasanenstr. 69
10719 Berlin

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