Buža Bar Dubrovnik: A spectacular Bar on the Cliffs in front of the City Wall

Buža Bar Dubrovnik: A spectacular Bar on the Rocks in front of the Wall

Buža Bar Dubrovnik: A bar on the cliffs directly at the Sea

An amazing view over the Adriatic sea, sun, the sound of the sea waves, and a cold drink – isn’t this exactly how we imagine our summer vacation to be like? If you are searching for a refreshment after an exhausting tour through Dubrovnik/Croatia, the unique Buža Bar is your place to go. This is just the right spot to have a drink, enjoy the view over the ocean and jump into the water when it gets too hot. The only problem: You have to find the bar, first. 😉

Buža Bar & Bard Mala Buža in Dubrovnik: Spectacular Bars in the Cliffs in front of the Old Town

To be precise: There are actually two Buža Bars in Dubrovnik. Both are located directly on the cliffs between the city wall and the ocean. One of them has white parasols (the Bard Mala Buža Ul. Ispod Mira 14, 20000 Dubrovnik), the other one not, but for that is known as the original Buža Bar (Buža Bar, Crijevićeva ul. 9, 20000 Dubrovnik). Well, we had a look at both bars and decided then on the Bard Mala Buža with its white parasols.

A Bar at the Cliffs on the City Wall of Dubrovnik

You reach both bars via a hole in the city wall. But make sure to be attentive, as there are no signs! So it is best to simply walk along the south part of the city wall and walk through the open door.

Amazing View, expensive Drinks

The effort is worth it, though. The view simply is spectacular – the city wall on the one side, the ocean with the island Lokrum on the other side. However, the prices are quite high – especially for Croatia. A beer costs about 7 €, for example. But for this, you get an absolutely amazing and unique location. And if it gets too hot, you simply jump into the sea. Keep in mind: There are no changing rooms.

A jump into the Adriatic sea from the cliffs in Dubrovnik

By the way: We visited the bar in May, outside of the peak season. I don’t know how many people will be visiting this place during summer. However, if all seats are taken, you can still sit on the cliffs.

Good to know:

Both bars are quite simple. The drinks might be expensive, but not very special. The best thing about the bar really is the location and the view. I also like this relaxed vibe.

Keep in mind: There are no real toilets at the bars, only a pit latrine at the Buža I.

Also make sure to bring enough cash with you, as you might not be able to pay with credit card.

Are the Buža Bars in Dubrovnik worth a visit?

Dubrovnik is expensive and the Buža Bar is no exception. I definitely would visit the bar again, though. Simply because the location is so special and beautiful – and other bars and cafés in Dubrovnik are very expensive, too…

We simply enjoyed our cold drinks and the amazing view after an quite exhausting walk along the city wall of Dubrovnik in the heat. If you are searching for fancy drinks and a very special bar experience, this is the wrong place for you. If you just want to enjoy the moment and have a drink at the cliffs in front of the old city wall of Dubrovnik, though, this is your place to go.

My Must-haves for Buža Bar

RetroCat with her husband in Dubrovnik

Both Buža Bars are simple and don’t require any chic dresscode, just come as you are. I definitely recommend a straw hat and sun screen if you want to visit the bar during the day. And my colourful 1970s dress matches the relaxed vibe of these bars perfectly.

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