Blogger Mail: 5 Parcels the Postman brought lately

Blogger Mail: 5 Parcels the Postman brought lately

I love receiving parcels! This is maybe one reason why I like online shopping on rainy days so much. In this blog post I show you which five parcels my poor postman brought last week and what was inside. (Cat not inculded ;-))

RetroCats Katze in einer Box

1. A Hell Bunny Dress for Fall

The first dress I received this week was the beautiful Hell Bunny dress with pumpkin, ghost, and spider print. It’s perfect for autumn – now I only need matching accessories. PS: Please don’t mind the demolished bust, it’s a 50s original and belonged to my grandpa who was a bespoke tailor.

Ein herbstliches Kleid von Hell Bunny

2. The Brush Set “Bamboo” Vol. 2 by Zoeva

I’ve been stalking Zoeva brushes for a very long time now. Last week I finally bought the vegan “Bamboo” Vol. 2 set, consisting of sustainable products.

Das Pinselset "Bamboo" von Zoeva

3. “Grace” by BlackButterfly

Last week was the week of new dresses, but it’s not my fault that the new season is just around the corner and the collections are simply gorgeous. So now I also own “Grace” by BlackButterfly as well as:

Das Kleid "Grace" von BlackButterfly

4. Two new Dresses from Napo-Shop (Nastrovje Postsdam)*

Lately I was allowed to pick two new dresses from Napo-Shop. I chose the Pussy Deluxe Sailor Leo Dress by Pussy Deluxe and the The Nightmare Before Christmas Spider Dress. This time, even my boyfriend (and photographer) got something: The “Sesame Street Cookie Thief T-Shirt“. 😉

Ein Übergangs-Kleid von Pussy Deluxe

Ein schwarzes Kleid von Nastrovje Potsdam

5. Fall Makeup Collections by Dior and Chanel

Just in time for the weekend I received a part of my Parfumdreams order. Unfortunately it seems like two paletts are out of stock at the moment, but I really hope they will arrive the next few days.

Die neuen Make-up-Kollektionen von Chanel und Dior

I got quite a few things lately, but now I think I’m prepared for autumn. Of course I will show you everything (and better photos) on the blog, soon.

*PR Sample

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