Some Time off: Late Summer in the Countryside

Some Time off: Late Summer in the Countryside
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A wonderful late summer in the countryside

It’s been a bit quiet here on over the last few weeks. Right after my vacation in Croatia, I went to the countryside, where I looked after my parents’ house and cat, while they were on vacation. Most of the time, I worked. From early morning (well, 8 am, but for me, that’s early in the morning) until the evening. You know, I am more an night owl and the early bird and usually find my inspiration at about 10 pm. But when I have to get up early, I find it quite hard to write something in the evening. So instead of blogging, I spent my time with making lavender sachets, baking bread and caressing the cat.

Late Summer in the Countryside

In the countryside, autumn almost arrived. The first leaves are already colourful, the nights are getting longer and especially cooler. In the morning, everything is sparkling in the morning dew and the ground fog looks so magical. I really love this time of the year. The hot days are over, but with a bit luck, we are still able to enjoy some warm and sunny hours, while the evenings are very cosy.

Furthermore, it’s finally harvest time. Zucchinis, tomatos, peppers, potatos and many berries are waiting. Sowing and taking care of the plants really is a lot of work, but in the end, it is worth it, I believe! There is nothing better than eating vegetables from the own garden, at least in my opinion.

Daydreaming and Nature

After work, I like to go out for long walks in nature. For me, this a kind of meditation. Sitting quietly and trying to think of nothing is actually very hard for me. And afterwards, I am everything but relaxed. In nature, though, I am always daydreaming and really able to come down after a long day.

Then, I like to prepare dinner – with my own vegetables, of course. Luckily, I not only planted vegetables on my balcony, but also in my parents’ garden. So I was able to get some fresh fruits and vegetables every day. I also made my own bread and baguette. And before going to bed, I made lavender sachets, stitched and cuddled with the cat. Oh how I enjoy those little things in life!

Outfit Inspiration for stylish late Summer Days in the Countryside

Solide fabrics like cotton or linen, basket bags as well as a few accessories are the base of my countryside outfits. They might be a bit less elegant and stylish than my city looks, but they still match my nostalgic style.

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Late summer is transitioning into autumn now, and I am back in the city. After this summer break, I am more than ready to share all my new ideas, outfits, and recipes with you, so stay tuned!

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