Flower Power, Logo Mania, Front Seams & Animal Print: The Trend Tights 2021/22

Flower Power, Logo Mania, Front Seams & Animal Print: The Trend Tights 2021/22
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The trend tights 2021: What kind of hosiery to wear this season

With dropping temperatures, it is finally time to wear stockings, tights and nylons, again. While I usually go for classy nylons stockings, I also like to have a look on what is trendy right now. And this year, there are some trend tights I definitely like. So let’s have a look at them and see how to style them.

Hosiery Trend 2021/22: Front Seam Tights

At the latest when Billie Eilish wore some super stylish front seam tights and stockings in the photos published in British Vogue, this kind of hosiery got absolutely fashionable. At MyTheresa, you will currently find the MUGLER X Wolford tights* with a seam at the front and back.

With a price of 140 Euros, these tights are definitely quite an investment. But I also found a more budget-friendly alternative: The Etsy shop of Yulia Chulkova*. This brand offers some wonderful handmade stockings and tights that are still affordable. And the best: You can choose between only a back seam or front and back seams. Currently, the shop is having a break, but you can contact the owner. PS: Please just keep in mind that this shop is from Russia, so check the import duties of your country before ordering there.

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How to wear Front Seam Tights:

Front seam tights look great in combination with short skirts. If you prefer a more elegant look, though, you can also wear midi length skirts with this kind of hosiery. But always make sure to wear front seam tights with highheels! Otherwise the seams will look quite odd.

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Tight Trend 2021: Animal Print

Trend Tights 2021: RetroCat wearing hosiery with animal print

Autumn 2021 is going to be wild! At least fashionwise, as animal print is a huge hosiery trend, especially the classy leopard print*.

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How to style Tights with Animal Print:

Fancy animal prints will draw all the attention to your legs. So I recommend to go for subtle, elegant garments like a little black dress. The cheeky tights will also look great with pencil skirts and blouses.

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Trend: Hosiery with Flower Pattern

RetroCat wearing romantic stockings with flower pattern

If you prefer a more romantic look, this tight trend is for you: Floral patterns! Beside the luxurious version by Saint Laurent*, there are also so many more budget-friendly options available, like these ones*, for example.

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How to style romantic floral Tights:

You can either style your flower pattern tights in a very romantic way inspired by Blair Waldorf, or you go for a very subtle, clean look with an elegant skirt or dress in black.

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Trend 2021/22: Decorated Fishnet Tights

RetroCat wearing decorated fishnet tights in winter

Fishnet tights are still a thing in 2021! Especially if they have some decorations like Swarovski® crystals*, for example. By the way: These fishnets are absolutely perfect to spice up some boring but warm thermal tights on cold winter days.

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How to style trendy Fishnet Tights:

Fishnet tights are actually pretty easy to style. They look great with almost everything. If you choose a smaller fishnet pattern, they even look elegant.

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Trend Tights 2021/22: Fancy, colourful Hosiery

Fancy, colourful tights for the cold season

If the tights from this blogpost weren’t fancy enough for you until now, I have something for you: Some super fancy tights in bright colours, like the 50s Venus tights*, for example.

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How to style colourful Tights:

Such tights are not that easy to style. If you like very colourful outfits, I recommend colourful 1960s inspired dresses*. Otherwise, you might wear something more subtle with such fancy tights.

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Trend Tights 2021/22: Logo Mania

Logo tights already were a thing last year, and are still fashionable in 2021/22. No matter if Dolce & Gabbana*, Fendi* or Gucci* – such logo tights can be found from many different luxury brands right now. I am still not completely convinced that I like them, but at least I like them a bit more than last year. I personally won’t buy some, as they are simply to expensive, in my opinion and not that special. But styled the right way, they can look really pretty.

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How to style Logo Print Tights:

To make logo tights look classy and elegant, I recommend subtle outfits in neutral colours like beige, brown or black. They also look great with sparkly party outfits.

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