Front Seam Pantyhose: Where to buy and how to style them

Front Seam Pantyhose: Where to buy and how to style them
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Front Seam Pantyhose: Shopping and styling tips

After I visited the Thierry Mugler Couturissime exhibition last year, I absolutely fell in love with front seam stockings and tights! When I was at home, I thought I just will search for some online and buy them immediately. But little did I know! It was so hard to find a pair, I almost gave up. Finally, I got my hands on some, though. Where? This is something I am going to tell you now.

Front Seam Pantyhose: Why I love them so much

Front Seam Stockings at the Thierry Mugler exhibition
With those wonderful front seam stockings at the Thierry Mugler Couturissime exhibion, my obsession with this kind of hosiery started.

Everyone who follows my blog for a while now, might know how much I adore seamed stockings. They always look so glamorous and tempting, but are also very elegant and kind of subtle – a perfect mixture, in my opinion. I still love classy seamed stockings. Every now and then, though, I like to wear something a bit different. And then, front seam tights seem to be a wonderful option.

This kind of hosiery looks just a little bit naughty, but still not too sexy. The only problem: I couldn’t find a pair, although I was searching for them over months. Until now!

Where to buy Front Seam Tights

RetroCat wearing the Paloma Tights with a front seam

After a super long search and almost giving up, I decided to ask my wonderful followers on Instagram, if there is anyone who know where I can find a pair of front seam stockings or tights. And you now what? There actually were some wonderful recommendations! Most of my followers recommended the Paloma Pantyhose by Wolford.

Unfortunately, the Paloma tights are no longer available on the official Wolford website*, but I found a new pair on Ebay*. My tip: Search on Ebay and other second hand platforms for Wolford Paloma or Wolford Palomina, and don’t give up if you can’t immediately find a pair. I bought my pair in France, by the way.

The Wolford Paloma Pantyhose

RetroCat wearing the Paloma Tights by Wolford and high heels

The Paloma tights are actually available in different colours. I only could find a pair in black with a red seam, though. However, this doesn’t matter, as I really like this colour combination. And also the back of the pantyhose has some lovely details. I will definitely search for more Paloma tights in other colours, though. So hopefully, I will find another pair for my collection. 😉

Mugler X Wolford Tights

At MyTheresa*, you will currently find some super cool front seam tights that were made by Wolford in cooperation with MUGLER. They are not really a bargain, but definitely look super cool.

More Front Seam Pantyhose and Stockings

RetroCat mit Strümpfen mit einer Front Seam

I also found some absolutely amazing front seam stockings and tight on Etsy by Yulia Chulkova* – the ones in the black and white photo, for example. The cool thing: these tights have a seam at the front and back! Agent Provocateur* offers some gorgeous front seam tights as well. And you can find some cheaper ones on Amazon*. The Tight Spot has some gorgous tights with a pink seam in stock, and the best: with the code RETROCAT you will get 10 % off at The Tight Spot.

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How to style Front Seam Pantyhose

RetroCat wearing the Paloma front seam tights and a skirt

To really make your front seam tights pop, I recommend to team them with an about knee-length pencil skirt. So your outfit still looks classy, but also is able to show off the hosiery.

To make your tights even more visible, you can choose a skirt with a slit at the front, like the Irma skirt by Wheels and Dollbaby, for example.

Front seam pantyhose look best in combination with classy high heels, sandals or mules.

To finish my look, I went for a Dita von Teese Cardigan by Wheels and Dollbaby that matches the colour of the seam.

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RetroCat trägt ein Leopardenkleid zur Strumpfhose mit Frontnaht

Flared midi dresses go very well with front seam tights as well. Add some fancy accessories and your outfit will be a real head-turner.

If you know another brand or shop that sells front seam tights or stockings, please share them with us in a comment! Due to so many messages on Instagram, I know I am not the only one who is searching for this kind of hosiery. 🙂

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  1. Karen
    27. April 2021 / 15:44

    These look extraordinary – stunning and beautiful on you but I’m not sure the same would go for me. So I don’t mind that they are hard to find! Looking foreword to seeing you styling them in other ways – although I would be surprised if even you could wear them more stylishly than with the Dita cardigan and this divine skirt! Kx

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