Where to shop Fully Fashioned Nylons: Shops and Brands

Where to shop Fully Fashioned Nylons: Shops and Brands
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Where to shop fully fashioned nylons

Authentic fully fashioned nylons are my very favourite and most glamorous accessories. They always remind me of bygone eras, but are still wearable nowadays, as I already wrote in this blogpost. There is just one problem if you want to choose true nylons: They are quite hard to find! Only a few brands and shops still sell them. Which is mainly due to the fact that only very few authentic machines from back in time still exist. As far as I know, only three manufactuars still produce true fully fashioned seamed nylon stocking on traditional machines: Secrets in Lace, Gio and Cervin Paris. Some more shops sell nylons as well, though. But before I am going to tell you where to shop fully fashioned nylons, let’s talk about the terminology.

What exactly are Fully Fashioned Nylons?

Stockings with a false seam vs. fully fashioned nylons
Left: Stockings with a “false” seam. Right: Fully fashioned nylons with a real seam

Fully fashioned nylons are vintage-style stockings that have been very popular from about 1940 to 1955. Back then, hosiery wasn’t strechy, as made of 100 % nylon. So the shape of the stockings had to be the shape of a leg. This is why fully fashioned stockings are not simply a “hose”.

Furthermore, it wasn’t possible to knit hoses, so stockings were first knit flat and then sewn up the back in the shape of a leg. Hence, they have some special features: Darker toes and heels (French Heel, Cuban Heel or something similar), a seam at the back, and a keyhole (see point “keyhole” for more information). Furthermore, it wasn’t possible to knit hoses. So stockings were first knit flat and then sewn up the back in the shape of a leg. Hence, they have some special features: Darker toes and heels (French Heel, Cuban Heel or something similar), a seam at the back, and a keyhole (see point “keyhole” for more information). True fully fashioned stockings have a real seam. There are also nylon stockings in “leg-shape” without a seam or with a fake-seam available. These are most of the time more modern interpretations, though. If you want to know more about the terminology of nylons and stockings, defintiely make sure to check out my Hosiery ABC.

By the way: True nylons without any elasthan fibres might look a bit big at the frist glance, so don’t wonder. They also often wrinkle a bit at the ankles of your feet, which can look quite nice, in my opinion. And if you cross your legs while wearing nylons, you might hear a very special rustling, which I absolutely adore. 😉

Real Nylons by Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur* offers beside some very lovely stockings also some true nylons*. I don’t own real nylons by Agent Provocateur, but I do own a few other pairs of their stockings and really like them.

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Where to shop real Nylons: Ars Vivendi

Ars Vivendi* is a German shop that offers a great range of wonderful vintage inspired lingerie from different brands. Of course, they also sell authentic seamed nylons* from different suppliers in a lot of differents shades.

Authentic seamed Nylons: Cervin Paris

Cervin Paris offers a good variety of fully fashioned nylons with great designs. As mentioned before, Cervin is one of the very few brands that still produces their fully fashioned nylons stockings on traiditonal machines. I own a few pairs of stockings by Cervin Paris and really like them.

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Gio Stockings

Gio Stockings is another supplier of authentic vintage style stockings as well as seamless nylons. They have quite a good selection of different designs. However, as I have never tried stockings from this brand before, I can’t tell you anything about the quality. I will definitely put them on my hosiery brands I want to try list, though. 😉

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Nylons from La Dame de France

La Dame de France was a wonderful recommendation from a reader. As far as I could see, this brand doesn’t offer nylons with a true seam. They do offer real nylons with a fake seam, though. I really like their styles and think, this shop is worth a visit. The website is only in French, though.

Fully Fashioned Nylons by Secrets in Lace

Secrets in Lace still offers quite a huge variety of authentic nylon stockings and is one of my favourite hosiery brands. When it comes to fully fashioned nylons, they are usually my very first place to look at. I simply love the quality and designs of their stockings, even though the price might be a bit higher, especially for the fancier designs. They also still produce their stockings on traditional machines.

By the way: As I live in Germany, I always shop at Secrets in Lace Europe. If you are from outside of Europe, have a look at SecretsInLace.com.

Shop for authentic Nylons: Vicky’s Nylons

Vicky’s Nylons is a German online shop that still sells quite a good variety of pretty true nylons stockings. I have never bought anything from them, but their selection looks promising.

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Where to shop true Nylons: What Katie Did

What Katie Did* is especially known for their lovely vintage style lingerie and contrast seam stockings. However, they also sell a few fully fashioned nylons. I only tried them very recently, but actually pretty like them.

RetroCat wearing fully fashioned nylons: Shopping tips

Do you know some more brands or shops that still sell fully fashioned nylons? I would be very happy, if you share them with us! Of course, I will also update this blogpost as soon as I discover more brands or shops for true nylon stockings.

PS: I recommend to have look at my garter belt guide. 😉

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  1. Mike
    23. June 2021 / 22:18

    What brand are the stockings in the black and white picture above? It is of one of your feet just out of the shoe with an outline around the cuban heel

    • Sandra
      23. June 2021 / 22:21

      They are by Secrets in Lace

      • Les Ismor
        4. March 2024 / 17:38

        That may be the most erotic picture ever. Great photography. …and modeling…

  2. 27. July 2022 / 12:26

    I have alwys used NYLONZ – http://www.nylonz.com

    Great service, selection & fantastc value for money

    They even discount 20% for non UK Orders (Tax Free)

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