Festive Christmas Accessories: Headbands, Hats, Flowers and Jewellery

Festive Christmas Accessories: Headbands, Hats, Flowers and Jewellery

Festive Christmas Accessories

I not only like to decorate my flat christmassy, but also myself. And I have the motto: The more kitschy and sparkling, the better. Even this year, I will follow my tradition, because a fancy Christmas headband never hurt anyone, right? And things that cheer us up are really important during these strange times. So let me show you my favourite Christmas accessories.

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Christmas Accessories for your Head and Hair

I enjoy wearing hats and fascinators all year long. But during Christmas season, they are definitely one of my must-haves. And no matter if kitschy or super elegant – I wear all of them.

Headbands for Christmas

RetroCat wearing a pink Christmas headband

Let’s start with a kitschy classic: Christmas headbands! No matter if with reindeer antlers or other cheesy christmassy frills – Christmas headbands are definitely a fun head-turner and always lift my mood. You don’t have to wear such an accessory during a formal Christmas dinner (I definitely would, though), but they are definitely a wonderful accessory for informal Christmas parties. And for this year: Why not wearing a fancy Christmas headband during a video conference? I am sure this will make everyone smile. 🙂

Wonderful Christmas Headbands:

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Christmas Accessories: Hats & Fascinators

RetroCat wearing a Christmas fascinator and festive dress

Of course we all can wear those Santa Claus caps, but I personally prefer something more sparky. So I rather choose sparkly fascinators and hats with a lot of christmassy decorations. They look good in combinaiton with classy, subtle garments, but also add that certain something to rather festive dresses – so they are definitely one of my favourite Christmas accessories.

Enchanting Christmas Hats & Fascinators:

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Festive Hairflowers for Christmas

If you prefer a more subtle look, but still want to wear something christmassy in you hair, I recommend festive hairflowers. You can either wear them in your hair or attach them to a hat/beret. And the best: They go well with so many different outfits!

Wonderful Christmas Hairflowers

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Christmas Accessories: Sparkly Jewellery for your Ears, Neck and Collar

Beside my head and hair, I also like to decorate my ears, neck and clothes with sparkly Christmas accessories.

Sparkly Christmas Earrings

To be honest: I don’t really wear a lot of jewellery, but I always put on earrings. And of course, I like it if my earrings are sparkling. My absolute favourite Christmas earrings, by the way, are the star earrings by Glitter Paradise*. They not only look great and are easy to style, the are also a real bargain. 🙂

Wonderful Christmas Earrings:

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Christmas Accessories: Sparkly Necklaces

Necklaces are another wonderful way to spice up your outfit. During Christmas season, I like to wear glamorous true vintage necklaces, snowflakes, classy hearts or snow balls – it only has to be sparkly. 🙂

Pretty Christmas Necklaces:

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Festive Brooches

Beside earrings, brooches are another jewellery must-have for me. Although you almost never see them nowadays, I absolutely adore to pimp my dresses and tops with sparkly (vintage) brooches. During Christmas season, I recommend bells, Christmas trees, stars, reindeers or something like this. Have a look at vintage shops or online second hand platforms – I found most of my vintage brooches over there. 🙂

Festive Brooches:

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