7 simple retro Hairstyles for shoulder-length Hair: A Hair Styling Idea for every Day of the Week

7 einfache Retro-Frisuren für schulterlange Haare: Eine Haarstyling-Idee für jeden Tag der Woche
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7 simple retro hairstyles for shoulder-length hair

With beautifully styled hair, every outfit immediately looks even more beautiful and I immediately feel better. However, like many others, I simply don’t have the time to invest hours in my hair every day. For me it has to be quick and practical. However, the hair doesn’t have to look completely the same every time. In just a few simple steps you can create simple retro hairstyles that look great and are perfect for everyday life. In the following post I will show you a simple hair styling idea for every day of the week.

Monday: Full curls for the first day of the week

RetroCat with voluminous curls in a retro look

I chose the hairstyle for Monday because it requires some preparation, but can be done very quickly on the actual day. For the voluminous curls, I twist my hair the night before on so-called sleep rollers, i.e. soft foam curlers (I use the Rockin Rollers via TopVintage*) that you simply sleep in. I have enough time for that on Sunday evening. In the morning I just have to comb out the hair and pin it back a little on the sides with a bobby pin, and the first hairstyle is ready.

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In this article I explain in detail how the simple overnight curls work.

How to get lovely Curls over Night: A Step by Step Guide

Simple retro hairstyles for Tuesday: gentle curls

RetroCat with gentle curls

Tuesday’s hairstyle is even simpler. Since I only wash my hair every second to third day, I don’t have to do anything to prepare. Curls that are wrapped overnight hold quite well. So all I have to do on Tuesday is brush my hair and I’m ready for the day.

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Wednesday: A voluminous ponytail that leaves an impression

RetroCat with a full ponytail

On Wednesdays your hair might not look quite as fresh anymore. But that doesn’t matter; if you style them in a ponytail, it won’t be noticeable at all. On the contrary, a ponytail tends to hold better if the hair is not freshly washed and is therefore more manageable. By the way, I cheat a bit with my voluminous ponytail and use a hairpiece (e.g. via Amazon*), which is simply clipped into the hair. The hairstyle can be done in less than 5 minutes.

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You can find detailed instructions for a great, voluminous ponytail in no time here.

Hairstyling: Tips for an amazing Ponytail

Thursday: Open hair with fake bangs

Simple retro hairstyles for shoulder-length hair: Fake bangs

Bangs for a day? That works! You don’t have to get your hair cut straight away to get some variety. For my fake bangs I use a Rockin Roller (via TopVintage*) and simply roll the front section of hair over the foam roller. The hair is then secured with a bobby pin and hairspray. The hairstyle suits both straight hair and curls.

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Friday: A big bun

RetroCat wearing a big ban and headband

A big bun is one of my absolute signature hairstyles. No wonder, it looks quite impressive and can still be made in no time. And this is how the simple hairstyle works: To start, the hair is simply tied into a ponytail. Depending on your mood, you can place it higher up on the head or relatively close to the neck. Then place or roll the hair around a bun cushion/donut (you can get it very cheaply from Amazon*, for example) and secure everything in place with hairpins. Finally, I use a thin hair net to ensure that everything stays securely in place. If you want, you can spice up your hairstyle with a hair band or pretty hair flowers – and you’ve got a wow look.

By the way: hair donuts are available in all imaginable sizes and for different hair colors. The following applies: the bigger the donut, the more exciting the hairstyle. It also makes sense to buy a hair donut that matches your own hair color, if possible. This way it won’t be noticeable if some of it shows through slightly under the hair.

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Saturday: Gibson Roll

The Gibson Roll was already very popular in the Edwardian era. It came back into fashion in the 1940s. No wonder, it’s practical, looks pretty, works quickly and keeps your hair out of your face while the ladies went about their work during wartime. Since my hair is quite thin and I still want to achieve a fairly voluminous Gibson roll, I like to use a small tool: a hair band with a small roll (e.g. via Amazon*). So all I have to do is roll my hair around this roller and pin it in place – done. If you want, you can decorate the hairstyle with hair flowers or a fascinator. A wonderful hairstyle for 40s outfits and romantic looks.

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Sunday: Sweet braids

Simple retro hairstyles for shoulder-length hair: RetroCat with braids and a straw hat

Our Sundays are usually very relaxed and we enjoy them outside in nature whenever possible. It can be an uncomplicated and simple hairstyle. For example, two braids look super cute and are quick to make. With a stylish straw hat you also look much more grown-up.

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