How to get lovely Curls over Night: A Step by Step Guide

How to get lovely Curls over Night
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Curls over night

Isn’t this strange? When I was a teenager, I had quite curly hair and there was nothing I wanted more than shiny, straight hair. So I used hair straighteners, brushes and hairdryers to straighten my curls. By now, my hair miraculously got almost completely straight and I really wish I could have my natural curls back. But as we all know, this isn’t that easy. 😉

So instead of straighten my hair, I now have to curl it. There is just one more problem: I absolutely love to sleep late and hate getting up early in the moring. So I use every minute to stay in bed and really can’t force myself to curl my hair in the morning. So wouldn’t it be amazing if we just can get curls while we are sleeping? Well, let me tell you it is possible! In the following, I am going to show you how I curl my hair over night with the help of sleep-in rollers.

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Curls over Night: Step 1 – the Preparation

As I just mentioned before, I really don’t like mornings and prefer to stay in bed. 😉 This is why I always wash my hair in the evening – the perfect base for sleep-in rollers, by the way. After washing my hair, I use a little bit of hair foam and dry my hair until it is only a little moist.

Which Sleep-in Rollers to choose

There are different types of hair rollers you can use over night. One of the classics are simple foam rollers with plastic clips*. They work pretty well for my hair, and the curls always look great when I use them. However, they can also be a little bit uncomfortable to sleep with, I think. So I personally prefer very soft sleep-in rollers without plastic clips*, but only some small buttons instead. With them in, I can sleep really good and they don’t bother me at all in the night. Furthermore, they are super easy to use.

Curls over Night: Step 2 – how to roll your Hair

RetroCat while curling her hair

When my hair is just a little bit moist, I divide my hair into small sections and roll them on my rollers. I always roll downwards, by the way.

Good to know: The smaller the sections of the hair, the tighter and more intense will the curls be.

It is very important to pay special attention to your hair-ends. Make sure, they are rolled up very well.

The lowest part of my back hair is very tricky to handle. At this part, my curls don’t really stay in place very long. So while I like to use the very soft sleep-in rollers without plastic clips* at the front and top of my head, I use some small foam rollers at the lower back part of my head.

Curls over night: RetroCat with soft sleep-in rollers
I use soft sleep-in rollers for my front and upper hair. At the lower part, I am using foam rollers

As soon as my hair is completely rolled up, I wrap a huge silk scarf around my head to make sure everything stays in place while I am sleeping.

Curls over Night: Step 3 – how to brush out your Hair

RetroCat with small curls after removing the rollers

In the morning, the only thing I have to do is to take out the hair rollers carefully. Just look at those crazy curls! 😉

RetroCat brushing out her curls

Then, I carefully brush through my curls. The longer you brush, the softer your curls will get. It always depends a bit on what kind of look I want to achieve. Sometimes, I prefer a very curly kind of hairstyle, and sometimes I rather want some soft curls or waves.

When using sleep-in rollers, my curls usually keep their shape really well. And as I don’t really like how hairspray feels in my hair, I usually don’t put it on. But of course, you can use a little bit of hairspray to fix your look, if you want. I personally also don’t really style my curls. After brushing them, I usually just let them fall down and that’s it. But if you like, you can also tease your front part a bit.

Curls over night: RetroCat with vintage inspired curls
Voila, the finished hairstyle

How to maintain your Curls for the next Days

I usually wash my hair about every three days. And the good thing with curls done over night is that they usually stay in place quite well over a longer period of time. If I want a very curly just like on day one, I use my sleep-in rollers in my dry hair again over night.

Most of the time, though, it is enough for me to just wrap a silk scarf around my head before going to bed to maintain my curls. The curls are usually a little bit softer on day two and three, but still look good. 🙂

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