Hair Curler Guide: How to create the most beautiful Curls

Hair Curler Guide: How to create the most beautiful Curls
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Hair curler guide: These are the best curlers for vintage-style hair

When I was a child and then a juvenile, I had wonderful, bouncy curls. Oh what I did back then to straighten them! I used a hairdryer, brushes and hair straighteners. And just when I started to love my curls, they miraculously disappeared and never came back since then. So always be careful with what you wish for!

But let’s talk about the tools to make my hair curly again: I usually use hair curlers. What kind of hair curlers I use changes, though. Depending on what kind of curls I want to have and how much time I have to actually create them, I either use hot rollers, foam hair curlers, or sleep-in rollers. In the following, I am going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of all these kind of hair curlers.

PS: Of course your hair type also matters when it comes to curling your hair. I have a lot of hair, but it is also quite thin and doesn’t keep its shape long. Please just keep in mind that every hair is different and therfore the results can be different as well. Nevertheless, I want to show you how I style my hair with the different kind of curlers.

Hair Curler Guide: Hot Rollers

Hot hair curlers, or hot rollers, are my first choice whenever I am late and quickly want to curl my hair. I use a curler set by Remington, by the way, but only the smaller rollers. Keep in mind: The smaller the roller, the smaller and more bouncy the curls.

Advantages of hot Hair Curlers:

Hot rollers are great whenever you want to curl your hair in about 30 to 45 minutes. I mainly use them in the morning and do my makeup while the curlers cool down.

Disadvantages of hot Rollers:

The heat can always damage ones hair. Furthermore, my curls tend to straight out quite quickly when I use hot rollers. So I mainly use them for shorter shootings, a dinner or something like that. Whenever my curls need to stay in place the whole day and night, I prefer other hair curlers.

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Hair Curler Guide: Sleep-in Rollers

So called sleep-in rollers are very soft hair curlers that you put in your damp hair. Go to bed an let your hair dry in the rollers while sleeping. The next morning, you will have wonderful curls, read more here. I use the Rockin’ Rollers from TopVintage*, by the way.

The Advantages of Sleep-in Rollers:

Sleep-in rollers are very soft and therefore quite comfortable to sleep with. They are easy to use and create wonderful vintage-style curls.

The Disadvantages of Sleep-in Rollers:

It takes a whole night until you get lovely curls – so you will need some time. If you simply want to curl your hair in the morning, these kind of hair curlers won’t work. In this case, go for hot rollers. If you are a bit sensitive, you might feel a bit uncomfortable while sleeping with the rollers in your hair. I, however, don’t have a problem with this. My biggest problem with those soft sleep-in rollers was when I had shorter hair, though. Some strands of hair unfortunately didn’t stay wrapped around the hair curlers and therefore the result wasn’t that pleasing.

All in all, I definitely can recommend sleep-in rollers. But they work best when your hair has at least about shoulder-length.

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Hair Curler Guide: Foam Rollers

Foam rollers work best for me whenever I want a very curly and vintage-style result. You fix the foam hair curlers with the help of plastic brackets in your damp hair and let your hair dry. Just as with the sleep-in rollers, it is best to use these hair curlers over night and brush out your hair in the morning. I bought some different sized curlers at Amazon for only a few Euros, by the way.

The Advantages of Foam Rollers:

As I mentioned before, foam rollers are wonderful to create a very curly and long-lasting hairstyle. My curls stay for at least two to three days (without washing them, obviously). Furthermore, they also worked when I had my bob hairstyle and they are very budget-friendly.

The Disadvantages of Foam Hair Curlers:

Foam hair curlers work great, but unfortunately, they also have some downsides. I personally find them a bit uncomfortable due to the plastic brackets while sleeping. So I only use them when I really need perfect hair in the morning. Otherwise, I go for the much more comfortable sleep-in rollers. And, just like the previously mentioned sleep-in rollers, you need some time until you get your curls.

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An alternative would be hair-curlers in combination with a drying hood. However, I tried this once and got a headache due to the hot air and noise. I also wasn’t perfectly happy with the result, so I rather stick with the three kind of hair curlers I introduced to you in this blogpost. 😉

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