Super easy vintage inspired Winter Hairstyles & matching Hair Accessories

Super easy retro hairstyles for winter

Easy vintage inspired winter hairstyles

When it comes to hairstyles, winter is by far the worst season, I think. Wind and snow ruin in a few seconds what we have created in hours on our heads. So especially on very wintery days, it doesn’t really make sense to curl the hair. It usually is better to wear them as straight and tight at your head as possible. 😉 So in the following, I’m going to show you five super easy vintage inspired hairstyles that are perfect for winter. Plus, I share my favourite hair accessories with you, which protect our hairstyles from the weather and our ears from the cold.

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Easy vintage inspired Winter Hairstyle: The Gibson Roll

Einfache Winter-Frisuren im Retro-Stil: RetroCat mit Gibson Roll

The Gibson Roll has its roots in the Edwardian era and came back into fashion in the early 1940s. Which actually is no surprise, as the hairstyle is practical, looks beautiful, and keeps the hair out of the face – perfect for the working women during war time, and also perfect for modern women of today.

And this is how it works: As my hair is quite short, I love to use a little gadget that makes it look more voluminous: A hairband with a little roll*. So the only thing I have to do is rolling my hair around this hairband-roll and pin it with some hairpins. A perfect hairstyle for 1940s inspired outfits, windy days, and when you don’t have a lot of time before leaving the house.

Easy vintage inspired Hairstyles for Winter: Bettie Bangs

Winter-Frisuren: RetroCat mit Fake-Pony im Stil von Bettie Page

Short bangs à la Bettie Page look amazing! This hairstyles can be a bit tricky, though: If your hair is quite curly, it can be hard to keep the bangs straight. Furthermore, it can take an eternity to grow out the bangs if you don’t want wearing them any longer. The solution: Fake bangs!

RetroCat mit einemm Fake-Pony im Stil von Bettie Page auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt

With a little bit of exercise, this hairstyle doesn’t take long to create. I use a little gadget that makes it easier: A “Sleep-in Roller*!

But first of all, I section off triangle shaped section from about the middle of my head to the front. Then, I curl this section with the help of an curling iron, as this makes the following step easier. Then I use this section of hair and tighly roll it up in the inverted direction. Now, you have to clip the ends of the sleep-in roller with the help of a few bobby pins to your head and carefully cover the ends with the hair you just rolled up. In the beginning, it can be a bit tricky to completely cover the sleep-in roller. After a few times, tough, this hairstyle gets easier and quicker. In the end, use some hairspray to set everything and you are done!

Easy vintage inspired Winter Hairstyles: A Ponytail

Retro-Frisuren für den Winter: RetroCat mit einem Pferdeschwanz und Fake-Pony

Let’s talk about the maybe easiest and most youthful looking winter hairstyle – a ponytail. You can either wear it very severe-looking and straight (perfect for the office, by the way) or a bit “undone”. For a retro touch, simply add a bandana, hair scarf, or hairband. And if you like, you can wear this hairstyle together with the fake-bangs.

Easy vintage inspired Winter Hairstyles: A huge Bun

A huge bun is actually one of my favourite hairstyles ever. No wonder, as it is super easy, always looks amazing, and it is perfect for bad weather – no matter if rain, or wind, or both. I even get questions from strangers sometimes, asking me how long I need for this elegant hairstyle. The answer is simple: not longer than five minutes.

And this is how it works: Start with a ponytail that is placed either low or high, depending on your preferences, on the back of your head. Afterwards, put a so called hair donut over your ponytail and place your hair around it. Pin everything and put on a hairnet around the donut to fix the hairstyle. Add some hairspray, and now, you only need a stylish hairband or a pearl-necklace and your wow-look is finished.

By the way: hair donuts are availble in a lot of different sizes and colours. The bigger the bun, the more exciting the hairstyle. Also, make sure to use a donut close to your haircolour.

The bun works best when your hair has at least shoulder-length. If your hair is shorter, you may try some hair extensions for a better look.

Easy vintage inspired Winter Hairstyles: A Chignon

Einfache Winter-Frisuren: RetroCat mit einem Chignon im Schnee

A chignon is my “hairstyle to go” for many different occasion. I start with putting my hair into a low ponytail. Then, I use a thin snood in my haircolour over the ponytail and pin the hair in the snood around the hair tie – that’s it. This hairstyle goes with almost every look and looks good on any occasion, as it is chic, elegant, and never over the top. You can even wear the chignon together with a hat or fascinator.

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Easy vintage inspired Winter Hairstyles: Accessories

You don’t have any time left in the moring for your hairstyle? No problem! In this case, I recommend some stylish hair accessories for your head that not only look good, but also protect you from the cold and your hairstyle from bad weather.

Accessory for Winter Hairstyles: A Beret

Winter-Accessoires: RetroCat mit einer schwarzen Baskenmütze im Schnee

Everytime I have to leave the house quickly to run erands or meet friends, and don’t have time for a proper hairstyle in winter, I wear a beret. You can either wear it on top of your hairstyle or put all your hair underneath the beret, so everything is covered and protected. This also is the perfect accessory for a bad-hair-day.

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Accessory for Winter Hairstyles: The Headscarf

RetroCat trägt ein Seiden-Kopftuch um die Frisur vor Schnee zu schützen

A pretty silk scarf is a wonderful accessory for both, summer and winter, if you wear it around your head. It protects the hairstyle from wind as well as moisture, keeps your ears warm (at least a little bit), and even your curls will survive a short walk outside in winter with a headscarf on top.

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Accessory for Winter Hairstyles: A stylish Hat

RetroCat mit 40er-Jahre Hut im Winter

Not matter if curled hair or an updo, with a hat on top, every hairstyle looks more stylish. Furthermore, a hat protects your hairstyle from wind and weather. In winter, I usually choose felt hats. I already showed you the most beautiful hats for autumn and winter here, by the way.

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