Flower Power: Beautiful Hair Flowers by Sophisticated Lady

Flower Power: Beautiful Hair Flowers by Sophisticated Lady
Verschiedene Haarblumen von SophisticatedFlowers
Colourful hair flowers by Sophisticated Lady

Accessories add that certain something to every outfit. I especially love cute hair accessories in all colours and variations. Therefore it’s no wonder that I really like  “Sophisticated Lady” who offers in her Etsy shop a huge variety of hair flowers.

They are handmade and very high quality. Among colourful orchids, roses, and pumpkins I also own a hairpiece made of small flowers and fruits. Normally, I wear the flowers with a simple bun. This hairstyle is very easy but stylish.

The prices are between 5 € and 28 €, which is absolutely fair due to the good quality.

After about one week until your order you will receive a beautiful parcel full of great hair flowers (since this is a German shop and I live in Germany I can’t tell how long an international delivery take).

You can shop the cute hair accessories here.

PS: Even my cat thinks that the “SophisticatedFlowers” are very fascinating, as you can see in the pictures below. 😉

Ein Haarkamm von Sophisticated Lady mit rosa Orchideen

RetroCat mit einem Haarkamm von SophisticatedFlowers

RetroCat mir rosa Haarblumen

RetroCat mit Haarblumen in Rosa

Eine blaue Orchidee fürs Haar von Sophisticated Lady

Eine rote Orchidee fürs Haar von SophisticatedFlowers

Bunter Haarschmuck von Sophisticated Lady Hairflowers

RetroCat mit farbenfrohem Haarschmuck

RetroCat mit einer roten Rose als Haarschmuck

RetroCat mit einer großen, weißen Blume fürs Haar

RetroCat mit herbstlichem Haarschmuck

RetroCat mit Rosen-Haarschmuck

RetroCats Katze mit Haarblumen von Sophisticated Lady

RetroCats Katze mit Haarblumen in Rosenform

Haarschmuck von Sophisticated Lady Hair Accessories


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