From glamorous to kitschy: Festive Tights for Christmas Time

Christmas Tights from glamorous to kitschy and how to style them

Christmas tights and how to style them

Lots of glamorous decoration, Christmas songs, the smell of sweets, candle light and mulled wine – isn’t Christmas time wonderful? And although everything might be a bit different this year, I already took out my favourite accessory for this time of the year: Christmas tights – from glamorous to kitschy. And now, I am going to tell you what kinds of festive hosiery I like to wear and how I style my legwear.

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Tights with Bows

I really enjoy wearing stockings and tights with bows during festive season. They are a real head-turner, but still look elegant and classy. My tights with black bows are by Chantal Thomass but unfortunately no longer available. My lovely tights with silver bows (right photo), though, are by Trasparenze via The Tight Spot*, for example (add Code RETROCAT for 10 % discount).

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How to style Tights with Bows:

Such tights go very well with a lot of different outfits! What about a classy red dress in combination with a small hat, gloves and sparkly jewellery? But these tights are super versatile and are even able to transform a very subtle look into a more christmassy one.

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Christmas Tights: Sparkly Seams

Christmas tights: RetroCat wearing nylon stockings with a golden seam by Secrets in Lace

Nylons with a shiny seam are subtle and elegant, but still very glamorous – so simply perfect for many different festive outfits! Mine are by Secrets in Lace, by the way. You will find some more lovely stockings with sparkly seams at Ars Vivendi*, for example.

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How to style glamorous seamed Stockings:

These kind of stockings are super easy to style as well. They look good with so many different kinds of outfits – from the little black dress and cosy winter dresses to super glamorous gowns. 

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Hosiery in the Colour of Love

What would be Christmas without the colour red? So of course red hosiery is a great choice for Christmas season. And you can choose between red tights/stockings and subtle stockings with only a red seam. Mine are by What Katie Did*, by the way.

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How to style red Stockings:

Such colourful hosiery looks good if you colour-match it with your outfit, or if you wear the stockings as a contrast to a sublte garment like a little black dress, for example.

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Kitschy Christmas Tights

After so much glamour, let’s talk about some fun and kitschy Christmas tights! What about the fancy green Rex-Mas tights by Wolford*, for example? I especially like to wear this kind of hosiery on Christmas morning. 

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How to style kitschy Christmas Tights:

Just wear a simple black (knitted) dress on top of your Christmas tights and you are perfectly dresses for a relaxed Christmas day with your family. This is just the perfect comfortable outfit for me to wear while eating sweets, drinking Christmas tea (I absolutely adore Tsarevna* by Kusmi) and watching Christmas movies. 😉

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