Must haves: The only Types of Hosiery you really need

Must haves: The only Types of Hosiery you really need
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The only hosiery you really need

Nylons, stockings and tights are such a fun and great piece of clothing to spice up your outfit, and I can’t really get enough of them. You don’t need many different pairs, though, to always have some great style options. So in the following, I am going to tell you what kind of hosiery your really need.

A little disclaimer: Of course it depends on your personal style and taste what kind of hosiery you need. If you mainly wear trousers, you maybe don’t need any tights or stockings at all. But in this blogpost, I want to share the hosiery must haves for people like me that wear dresses and skirts almost every day and enjoy to wear fancy legwear to spice up an outfit.

Hosiery you really need: Sheer and seamless Tights

RetroCat wearing sheer and seamless tights

I adore seamed nylons stockings and thrilling tights, that’s not a secret. However, I also believe that a pair of sheer tights is a must have. There are occasions that require a very subtle look. In the office, for church, formal weddings, for example, I prefer a subtle, sheer pair of tights over my seamed stockings. Falke* and Wolford* are two of my favourite brands for this kind of hosiery, by the way. Also make sure to always have a replacement pair with you, as there is almost nothing more sensitive on this world than a pair of sheer tights. Furthermore, I recommend to look for a pair with very few and subtle seams, so you can wear it even underneath of very thin and fitted dresses/skirts.

By the way: Tights with 10 den* or less are especially sheer but also very delicate, so for long days, I rather would recommend 20 den*. Read more about den (Denier) in my hosiery guide.

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True Nylons with a Seam

Hosiery must haves: elegant seamed nylon stockings

If you are a fan of vintage fashion, you really need a pair of true nylon stockings in your closet! For me, there is nothing more glamorous than a rustling pair of nylons underneath a petticoat or pencil skirt. Seamed stockings are a wonderful choice for a dinner with your love or an evening at a bar, for example. If you haven’t tried true nylons yet, or don’t know if you feel comfortable in them, I highly recommend my guide on how to wear nylon stockings in everyday life. And here, you will find the matching garter belt guide. And in this blogpost, I tell you where to shop true nylons.

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Hosiery Must haves: Dotted Tights

RetroCat wearing dotted tights with her black retro dress

Dotted hosiery is perfect for everyone who likes to wear something a bit more fun, but still wants everything to look super elegant. Small dots draw the attention to your legs, but don’t steel the rest of your outfit the show. So they are wonderful for a day in the city or even the office, provided that the dresscode is not too formal.

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Fancy patterned Tights

For a shopping trip or visit at a café, for example, I recommend patterned tights. Those make your outfit immediately look more interesting and you only need a lovely, subtle dress and are ready to go. PS: I especially like tights with a leopard pattern*.

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Hosiery Must haves: Fishnet Tights

Yes, fishnet tights are a must-have as well – at least in my opinion. I recommend a pair with a small fishnet pattern*, by the way. And if you want your outfit to look elegant, go for tights in your skin colour*, otherwise, I also recommend colourful or black fishnet tights*.

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Hosiery you really need: Warm Thermal Tights for Winter

Hosiery you really need: RetroCat wearing warm thermal tights in winter

Even in winter, when it is really cold, I like to wear dresses and skirts. But then, I go for warm thermal tights that keep my legs warm, even when temperatures are very low. By the way: Thermal tights can look a bit boring. If I want to add that certain something, I simply wear a pair of sparkly fishnet tights* on top. 😉

Pro tip: When it is really cold, wear two pairs of tights on top of each other.

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PS: If you want to know how to organise your hosiery, make sure to check out this blogpost.

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