Is the Pearl Coat by Collectif Clothing worth the Money? A honest Review

Is the Pearl Coat by Collectif Clothing worth the Money? A honest Review
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There are coats that became real classics over the years, the trench coat by Burberry*, for example. And in the vintage and retro subculture, the Pearl Coat by Collectif Clothing (a British brand as well, by the way ;-)) is one of the most popular coats. No wonder, as this coat looks absolutely glamorous and is a real head-turner. But although it may be much more affordable than a Burberry trench, the coat is still not really a bargain. In the following, I am going to tell you if the coat is worth the money.

The Pearl Coat by Collectif Clothing

A review of the popular Pearl Coat by Collectif Clothing

The glamorous Pearl Coat by Collectif Clothing is inspired by the style of the 1930s, quite long and decorated with a lot of fake-fur. Every year, there is a new one available in a another colour – the cut always remains the same, though.

Collectif Clothing Pearl Coat: The Pros

RetroCat wearing the elegant Pearl Coat by Collectif Clothing

I especially like the midi-length of the coat. So even my longer dresses fit underneath and the coat keeps me quite warm. The opulent fake-fur collar not only looks amazing, but is also perfect to protect the neck from the cold. By the way: The collar has an eyelet, so you can either close the collar around your neck, or wear it over your shoulders.

RetroCat wearing a coat inspired by the 1930s with a lot of fake-fur

The fake-fur trimmings at the sleeves and hemline are another highlight. And this is definitely the coat for wich I have received the most compliments.

The Pearl Coat is great for daytime, but is also a great companion for evening occasions, due to its glamorous design. I wore it when I visited the Crazy Hores in Paris, for example, but also on Christmas markets as well as for walks in nature. And even after owning the coat for several years now, I still get excited whenever I can take it out for the first time in autumn.

The Cons of the Pearl Coat by Collectif Clothing

RetroCats points of criticism about the Pearl Coat by Collectif Clothing

Although I really like the coat, there are also some points of criticism. All in all, the coat has a good quality, in my opinion. But I had to fix all the buttons again, as I almost lost one. Furthermore, the coat mainly consists of synthetic fibres like polyester.

The main downside for me, though, is that the coat is not overlapping that much at the button placket which is a bit annyoing whenever wearing a flared skirt with a petticoat, as the dress always tends to peek out, especially when walking. The button placket also only goes down to about thigh level and the buttons are made of plastic – I believe there would have been a much more elegant option. So as soon as I find some matching and pretty buttons, I am going to replace the plastic ones.

The Pearl Coat by Collectif Clothing – my Conclusion

RetroCats honest review about the Pearl Coat by Collectif Clothing

Despide the points of criticism, I definitely don’t want to miss the Pearl Coat by Collectif Clothing in my closet. I personally wouldn’t pay the full price (about 240 Euros, depending on where you shop), though. So I recommend to look on platforms like Ebay* or Vinted for more budget-friendly second hand pieces. PS: I bought mine second hand as well. 😉 Another option is to wait for sale, but then it can happend that you don’t get your size anymore.

If you want to shop a brand new Pearl Coat by Collectif Clothing within the EU, have a look at TopVintage*. Of course you will also find it directly at Collectif Clothing.

PS: In this blogpost, I show you some alternatives to the Pearl Coat.

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