How to wear Skirts and Dresses in Winter – without being cold

How to wear Skirts and Dresses in Winter - without being cold

How to wear skirts and dresses in winter

Do you also wear your skirts and dresses in winter? This is a question I receive quite often. You must know, winters in Germany can be pretty cold. Nevertheless, the question is easy to answer: Yes, I do. 🙂 And it isn’t really a problem. I am almost never cold. With just a few tricks, you can definitely wear skirts and dresses in winter. And in the following blogpost, I am going to tell you how.

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Warm Dresses and Skirts for Winter

Let’s start with the base: A warm winter dress or skirt in combination with a sweater. It is best to choose a dress with long or at least 3/4-length sleeves. Furthermore, have a look at the fabric. Wool, for example, is especially warm

By the way: It actually is not that easy to find pretty vintage inspired winter dresses. I personally like to have a look at TopVintage* and Peggy Sue Vintage, for example. Furthermore, I absolutely adore the dresses by Ginger Jackie. Another great tip for cold days is to simply wear a subtle turtleneck* underneath a sleevless dress.

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How to wear Dresses in Winter: Long Gloves

Skirts and dresses in winter: RetroCat wearing long gloves

Especially if you choose a sweater or dress with 3/4-length sleeves, I recommend long gloves like these ones* to cover your forearms. I also always choose lined gloves on very cold days, as thin leather gloves usually aren’t that warm. A great alternative are cosy wool gloves like these ones*.

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How to wear Skirts and Dresses in Winter: Warm Thermal Tights

RetroCat wearing thermal tights and a skirt in winter

Thermal tights are absolutely perfect for everyone who wants to wear dresses and skirts during cold season. They keep our legs warm and are also quite affordable. I personally almost always wear the thermal tights by Calzedonia*.

PS: Make sure to check out my blogpost about thermal tights to read more about this kind of hosiery and learn how to style them more glamorous.

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Warm Boots for the cold Season

When wearing boots, we can even walk through deep snow! Furthermore, they keep our legs warm and are absolutely perfect for very cold winter days. Depending on the occasion and temperatures, I choose between fancy lace-up boots, stylish overknee boots or very warm and cosy winter boots. You will find some lovely retro style booties at TopVintage*, for example.

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The more Layers, the better: Petticoats

Wearing dresses in winter: RetroCat with a petticoat underneath her winter dress

Another layer of clothes definitely makes sense during cold season. This is why I love to wear fluffy petticoats underneath my flared skirts and dresses. A petticoat also has another advantage: They prevent your skirt from “sticking” to the tights. PS: Underneath fitted dresses, I like to wear a slip that has the same effekt. 🙂 Petticoats are available from a lot of different suppliers. I usually buy mine true vintage or from shops like TopVintage*.

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Winter Outfit for cold Days: Warm and cosy Accessories

RetroCat wearing a beret and fake-fur collar in winter

Beside all those warm clothes and pieces like gloves, tights and boots, there are some more warm accessories I recommend for winter. One of my favourite accessories during the cold season are definitely berets* and hats. They not only keep your head warm, but also protect your hairstyle from the weather or cover a bad hair day. And of course, don’t forget your scarf in winter! A more glamorous alternative are fake-fur collars, buy the way. 

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Warm Coats and thin quilted Jackets

The only thing we need for our warm winter outfit now is a winter coat. As there are so many different coats available, I already wrote about my favourite ones in this blogpost. One of my must-haves, by the way, is the amazingly glamorous Pearl Coat von Collectif Clothing*. Wonderful retro coats are available at TopVintage*, EMP* and Rockabilly Clothing*, for example.

And for everyone who is always freezing, I have another tip: Just wear a thin quilted jacket like this one* underneath your winter coat! 

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Do have some more recommendation for cold winter days? 


  1. 20. November 2020 / 22:21

    This are wonderful suggestions. I love to wear a slip that is shorter than my dresses and skirts. A wonderful layer to feel vintage.

    • Sandra
      23. November 2020 / 11:59

      Thank you so much!
      Yes, slips are such a wonderful garment and sometimes, they really make a difference!


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