Elegant and glamorous: Autumn Fashion at Revival Retro

Elegant and glamorous: Autumn Fashion at Revival Retro

Advertorial as the trip to London was a press trip

Sipping coffee and talking to the most amazing vintage ladies while having a look at the new fashion for autumn at Revival Retro in London – I really don’t know a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Lately, the retro boutique in London invited some of the most inspiring vintage ladies to present the latest autumn/winter collections. I’m so happy I was part of that!

In this blog post I will show you some amazing fashion photos from the event and tell you bit about the new collection. At the end of the article, you will also find a list with all the gorgeous vintage bloggers and links to their blogs.

RetroCat bewundert die Herbstmode bei Revival Retro in London

Autumn Collection at Revival Retro: What is new?

After an initial meet and greet we (Ella, Ida, Nora, Sam, Victoria, another Sam, and me) all browsed the store.

RetroCat beim Blogger-Event von Revival Retro in London

Beside beautiful retro dresses in so many different colours and shapes, there are also lots of very comfy pants available. I however felt in love with the pencil dresses: My favourites are the green peplum dress, the dark blue one with a bow at the neckline, and the little black dress.  Nevertheless, I love the outfits of every vintage lady.

Warm colours, amazing patterns, and gorgeous cuts – what do you want more for autumn? At this point, I would like to mention again how much I love the fall collections. There is now other time in the year when the garments look as elegant and glamorous as they do during  the Golden Season.

RetroCat in einem schwarzen Bleistiftkleid von Stop Staring!

RetroCat in einem blauen Retro-Kleid bei Revival Retro in London

Fashion-Bloggerin RetroCat in einem karierten Retro-Kleid

RetroCat in einem grünen 40er-Jahre-Kleid bei Revival Retro

RetroCat wirft einen letzten Blick in den Spiegel

After trying on about thousand different outfits, every girl chose her favourite one and we had a group photo shoot. I mean, aren’t those pictures amazing? It was such a fun to shoot with all of these gorgeous girls.

Ein Gruppenfoto mit Vintage-Bloggern in Herbstmode von Revival Retro
Ida alias Wilhemina Af Fera, Victoria alias Vintagemädchen.de, Ella alisa Miss Victory Violet, Sandra alias RetroCat.de, Nora alias NoraFinds.com, Sam alias death_by_deco, Sam alias blossomandbuttercups

Vintage-Bloggerinnen aus Europa beim Fotoshooting für Revival Retro

Vintage-Models beim Fotoshooting für Revival Retro in London

All garments and most of the accessories are availble at Revival Retro. Now, I would like to know: Which look is your favourite one? Leave me a comment below, if you like!

Autumn Collection at Revival Retro: Coffee, Sweets, and lots of new Impressions

After trying on all those amazing outfits and the photo shoot, it was time for coffee, tea, and sweets. While talking and having lots of fun, eveyone had the opportunity to take some more photos with photographer Tory Smith. A outfit post with the dress I chose will be up on my blog very soon, so stay tuned!

RetroCat bei Kaffee und Kuchen mit Revival Retro

RetroCat und viele andere Vintage-Ladys auf einer Couch

RetroCat mit Miss Victory Violet

Die Vintage-Bloggerinnen RetroCat und Miss Victory Violet beim Fotoshooting

Autumn Collection at Revival Retro: The Vintage Blogger Ladies

The best about blogger events is the fact, that you are able to meet all those gorgeous people you only know from the internet in real life. If you are following me on Instagram, you might have seen some selfies and snapshots. Here is the list of all participants at the Revival Retro Event:


PS: Read more about the wonderful Revival Retro Boutique in this blog post.
RetroCat und viele andere Vintage-Bloggerinnen haben Spaß

Thank you so much Rowena and the Revival Retro team for inviting me to London, and the amazing event! A huge thank you goes also to my boyfriend, who accompanied me the whole day long and took all the beautiful photos!

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