It’s all about the Details: 10 beautiful Gloves for every vintage Outfit

It’s all about the Details: 10 beautiful Gloves for every vintage Outfit

Gloves do not only keep your hands warm, they also add that certain something to every vintage outfit. Of course I don’t wear leather gloves in summer, but there are also some very light options. In this blog post I show you my ten favourite gloves, from vintage finds to reproductions in a lot of different shades.

1. White True Vintage Gloves for Spring and Summer

Those pretty 1950s vintage pieces remind me of a time, when women rarely leave the house without matching gloves and hat. I found them at a small vintage store in Munich and, of course, immediately bought them. I especially like the little bows ond them. Those gloves match with a lot of my retro outfits as you can see here and here.

RetroCat mit weißen Vintage-Handschuhen aus den 50ern

2. Light pink vintage Gloves

The light pink gloves from the 50s go very well with pretty summer looks. I wore them together with a modern circle skirt as well as a 60s vintage ensemble.

RetroCat mit zarten rosa Vintage-Handschuhen

3. Crocheted Gloves by Vecona Vintage

Crocheted gloves are perfect for a 40s or 50s inspired outfit. I teamed them with a cute retro dress by Hell Bunny and a shift dress by Daisy Dapper. You can shop them here.

RetroCat mit gehäkelten Retro-Handschuhen

4. Nylon Gloves by Secrets in Lace

White gloves not only suit brides, they also look pretty on everyone else. Wonderful examples are this and this outfit. You can shop them here if you like. The gloves are also available in black. Those are real allrounders since they match with almost every vintage outfit I own, as you can see here, here, and here. PS: Since the gloves are sheer they look wonderful with a perfect manicure.

RetroCat mit weißen Nylon-Handschuhen von Secrets in Lace

RetroCat mit schwarzen durchscheinenden Handschuhen von Secrets in Lace

5. Elegant, long Glovs by Secrets in Lace

Are you ready for a lot of glamour? Those long nylon gloves by Secrets in Lace are definitely not for every day but they look simply amazing with elegant evening gowns. You can buy those gorgeous pieces here.

RetroCat mit eleganten, langen Handschuhen von Secrets in Lace

6. Light Pink Gloves

Those pretty pink gloves are perefct for transitional season, but I also wore them in winter as you can see in this blog post. You can shop very similar ones at Amazon.

RetroCat mit rosa Stoff-Handschuhen im Retro-Look

7. Black vintage leather Gloves

As soon as it gets colder outside I take out my favourite black vintage gloves. They look gorgeous with winter or fall outfits. I wore them in combination with a grey shift dress as well as a skirt-sweater-combo. You can shop similar ones here.

RetroCat mit schwarzen Handschuhen aus den 50ern

8. Long black suede Gloves

My long black suede gloves are very warm and therefore perfect for late autumn and winter. They look just lovely in combination with a knitted dress. You can shop a similar pair here.

RetroCat mit langen schwarzen Wildlederhandschuhen

9. White vintage gloves with black Details

Sometimes you have to take out your light coloured gloves on those grey fall and winter days. This is the time when I wear my black and white vintage pieces. They look wonderful with three-quarter sleeves for example.

RetroCat mit weißen Lederhandschuhen aus den 50ern

10. Beige vintage leather gloves

Especially black gloves don’t go very well with warm earth tones, most of the time. So I decided to invest in beige vintage pieces, which I already showed you in this blog post. A very similar one is available here.

RetroCat mit beigen Vintage-Handschuhen

It is said that hands reveal ones true age, now matter how wrinkle-free the face looks. So why not protecting them from UV rays with pretty gloves? Happy shopping!

PS: Just in case you also need a perfect hat for your vintage inspired outifts check out this article.


Handschuhe, Sonnenbrille und Lippenstifte von RetroCat

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