Flowers, Fruits, Nylons: The most beautiful Accessories for late Summer

Flowers, Fruits, Nylons: The most beautiful Accessories for late Summer

The most beautiful accessories for late summer

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Late summer is by far my favourite time of the year. During the day, it is still warm, but in the evening, the air finally gets cooler. The biggest heatwave is over and I finally feel like I can breathe deeply, again. In a fashion kind of way, late summer and early autumn are also much more interesting: we can finally wear more than just a light summer dress! Temperatures are cool enough to start wearing stockings again, and choose more accessories. So in this blogpost, I’m going to show you the most beautiful accessories for late summer.

Accessories for late Summer: Hairflowers & Fruits

Accessoires für den Spätsommer: RetroCat mit Haarblume und Früchten passend zum Dutt

I love to wear hairflowers all year round, but adjust them to the season. In late summer and early autumn, for example, I usually choose dark red roses or funny fruits for my hair. This looks super fresh, fun, and is able to spice up a simple bun in no time.

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Accessories for late Summer: Baskets & Basket Bags

Accessoires für den Spätsommer: RetroCat mit einem Korbst voll Obst und einem Retro-Outfit

Baskets and basket bags are, for me, not only a must-have for spring and summer, but also for late summer and early autumn. They look wonderful in combination with warm colours and sturdy materials. Furthermore, baskets are a perfect accessory for a late summer picnic or to pick up fruits from the garden. 😉

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Accessories for late Summer: Nylons

RetroCat mit Nylons von Secrets in Lace, Korbtasche und Karorock im Spätsommer

As soon as the temperatures get a bit more pleasant, I love to finally wear my nylons, stockings, and tights again. They keep my legs warm and always look amazing. Depending on my mood, I either wear vintage-inspired fully fashioned nylons to finish my vintage looks, or fashionable tights to add a modern touch to my retro outfits. I show you a lot of different tights and stockings here, here, and here, by the way.

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Accessories for late Summer: Light Scarves

Vintage-Bloggerin RetroCat mit einem leichten, pinken Schal im Spätsommer

As it already can get quite chilly in late summer, especially in the evening, I like to wear light scarves during this time of the year. And if it is too warm for them, I use them as an accessory for my huge bun or wear it as a turban. You don’t always have to buy new scarves, by the way. I, for example, found my favourite ones in mum’s and grandma’s closet.

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Accessories for late Summer: Boho Earrings

Accessoires für den Spätsommer: Mode-Bloggerin RetroCat mit goldenen Boho-Ohrringen

I love to wear huge boho earrings in late summer and autumn as much as I love the wear them in midsummer. They always give me a kind of indian summer feeling and add a romantic but modern touch to my vintage outfits. In late summer and autumn, by the way, I usually choose golden earrings as they reflect the golden light of this season so well.

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Accessories for late Summer: Small (Pillbox) Hats

Vintage-Mode-Bloggerin RetroCat mit Pillbox-Hut und passendem Retro-Outfit

As soon as the days are getting shorter and cooler, I replace my huge straw hats by smaller ones like pillbox hats for daytime occasions, and pretty cocktail hats* for the evening. Both kind of hats look super elegant and are the cherry on the cake of every vintage (inspired) outfit.

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Accessories for late Summer: Fancy Fascinators

RetroCat mit einem ausgefallen Fascinator mit Federn von Faunauge

Beside small hats, I also really love to wear fancy fascinators in late summer. Especially if they have natural colours like a dark brown, and lovely details like feathers, for example. They are real head-turners and go very well on weddings, horseraces, or other formal occasions. Of course, you can also wear them in everyday life, but be prepared: People will definitely stare at you. 😉

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Accessories for late Summer: Headbands

Headbands are one the the trend accessories for 2019. Isn’t this great? They look super pretty and are able to spice up every boring hairstyle. During the day, I usually prefer broad headbands, in the evening, I also love thin and sparkyl ones. And if you feel especially fancy, why not trying a headband with cat-ears or flowers?

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Accessories for late Summer: Delicate Gloves

Accessoires für den Spätsommer: RetroCat mit gehäkelten Handschuhen im Vintage-Stil

Just as it is with nylons, I love to finally wear my gloves again in late summer. Gloves are such a great way to finish a vintage inspired outfit and look very elegant. As long as it is warm outside, I usually choose delicate gloves made of nylon, or crochet gloves*.

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Accessories for late Summer: A cute Umbrella

Accessoires für den Spätsommer: Vintage-Bloggerin RetroCat mit einem transparenten Regenschirm

A cute umbrella is definitely able to raise my spirits on rainy days! Although it usually is still quite warm in late summer here in southern Bavaria, an umbrella is a must, as strong rain showers are no exeption during this time of the year. My umbrella with a kitty print*, by the way, usually gets all the attention and goes, due to its transparency, very well with almost every outfit.

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And now, I would like to invite you to have fun, play with different accessories and try new styles! 😉

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