Blazer, Midi Skirts, Stockings, Lipsticks & Co.: Some Favourites that lift the Spirits

Fashion favourites: blazers, midi skirts, stockings and lipsticks

Fashion favourites that lift the spirits

We already took these outfit photos at the beginning of March, a while before the lockdown. And well, then I didn’t really know how to integrate these photos into a blogpost that makes sense, at the moment. But after endless days at home and a lot of cleaning (read more about this here), I’m longing for gorgeous outfits and my old routine of getting ready before leaving the house. So I tought, why not getting ready as usual, just without the part of leaving the house? And while thinking about some favourites that always lift my spirits, I found out that this outfit actually exactly shows them. So here we are, with a new outfit post after such a long time. 😉

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Fashion Favourites that cheer me up: Pretty Blazers

RetroCat mit einem kariertem Blazer von Lena Hoschek

To be honest, most of us most likely don’t really need a chic blazer, currently. However, a blazer usually definitely is a staple item that can be worn quite often. So why don’t we just wear our most chic blazer to go to the grocery store or out for a walk? This gives me a feeling of normality and makes running errands more glamorous. 😉

I’m a huge fan of blazer inspired by Dior’s New Look that have a perfekt fit and are waisted. So it is no wonder that I had an eye on this wonderful jacket by Lena Hoschek for quite a while. As I bought the very last one, the blazer unfortunately is no longer available, but you will find similar ones here:

Swinging Midi Skirts

RetroCat mit einem schwarzen Midi-Skirt aus den 1950ern und Karo-Blazer

I am such a big fan of swining (circle) skirts in midi- or knee-length. Midi skirts are definitely more elegant than mini skirts, and, in my opinion, also more practical, as you can bend down, sit down and move without showing your underwear. Plus: circle or swing skirts are a great alternative to classy pencil skirts and offer more freedom of movement. Such elegant swinging midi skirts are available at a lot of different shops. If you are searching for a true vintage one (like mine is), have a look at local vintage stores or Etsy*, for example. A lot of pretty reproductions are available at TopVintage*, but even Asos* offers some lovely midi skirts.

More casual skirts made of jersey or viscose with colourful prints or in bright colours, on the other side, are perfect for sunny days and the home office. Jersey and viscose fabrics usually are quite comfortable and don’t wrinkle easily. So you are dressed well, without having to forego any comforts. You will find such lovely skirts at Napo-Shop*, Blutsgeschwister* or Vecona Vintage*, for example.

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Fashion Favourites that rise my Spirits: Stockings

RetroCat mit verführerischen Nylonstrümpfen mit Naht von Secrets in Lace

Elegant nylon stockings always cheer me up! They finish every retro outfit and without them, I often somehow feel naked. At the moment, I’m not wearing them as often as I used to do. So instead of wearing them on a daily basis, I decided to handwash and organise them. Almost all my nylons are by Secrets in Lace, by the way, but I introduce my favourite brands for stockings and tights in this blogpost.

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Things that cheer me up: Highheels

RetroCat mit Nahtstrümpfen und Highheels in München

Highheels make the feet look smaller, the legs longer, and your walk more buoyant – maybe this is we love them so much? Although I usually really like the fashion from the 1930s to 50s, I also like real highheels that are much higher than they used to be back then. Unfortunately, I don’t really have an occasion to wear heels right now. So sometimes, I put them on at home, just to not forget the feeling of wearing them and not to unlearn how to walk in them. 😉

When it comes to shoes, by the way, I recommend to invest some money. The better the quality of the shoe, the easier it is to walk in them, and the more comfortable they are.

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Fashion Favourites that rise my Spirits: Hats

RetroCat mit einem großen 50er-Jahre-Hut im New-Look-Stil

I’m in love with hats! They literally crown every outfit and are always an eyecatcher, no matter if you choose a small or large one. Depending on the season, I like to wear quite different kinds of hats. So I already introduced the most beautiful hats for spring and summer as well as autumn and winter on my blog.

Just as it is with my heels, I do not have a lot of occasions currently, where I can wear hats. So on sunny days, I just put a huge straw hat on to enjoy the sun on my balcony. This protects me from the sun, and my neighbours have something to stare at – the classy win-win-situation, I would say. 😉 PS: If you prefers something more subtle, I recommend hairflowers or turbans.

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Things that cheer me up: Gloves

Lieblingsstücke: RetroCat mit langen Lederhandschuhen und einem Vintage-Hut

Gloves used to be a must-have for every chic outfit back in time – no matter if it was winter or summer, day or night. Nowadays, though, we usually only wear gloves in winter to keep our hands warm. What a pity! There are such wonderful gloves for every season available, and don’t they just look super elegant? Furthermore, they have some practical aspects, even in summer, as they protect our hands from UV rays.

When it is really cold outside, I wear warm, lined gloves. As soon as it gets warmer, I choose long vintage leather gloves. And on warmer days, I wear crocheted gloves or thin, so called driving gloves. You know, wrist-length gloves with small holes that look super stylish. Whenever I wear such gloves, I dream of driving in a vintage convertible along the Côte d’Azur… 😉

Things that rise my Spiritis: Colourful Lipsticks

RetroCat mit einem alten Taschenspiegel, Hut und rotem Lippenstift von Dior

Colourful lipsticks make every day better! Yes, they really do! They are a kind of an affordable luxury and always rise my spiritis. Whenever I have a bad day, for example, I search for my brightest red lipstick, put it on my lips, and immediately feel better.

Beside red (of course!) my favourite lipstick colour is pink, but I also like to wear a coral colour or lilac for a change every now and then.

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Things that cheer me up: Little Treasures from the Past

RetroCat mit einem Vintage-Taschenspiegel beim Lippenstift-Nachziehen

Fleamarkets will financially ruin me one day, I believe, as I simply can’t pass a market stand without falling in love with a piece. Most of the time, I find pretty vintage porcelain, old costume jewellery, handbags, or pocket mirrors. Yes, I have quite a huge amount of vintage pocket mirrors. But well, I really need them. I have one in every handbag I own, and aren’t vintage pocket mirrors just a thousand times prettier than modern ones? 😉

When it comes to vintage costume jewellery, I must say I’m always fascinated by the quality. This kind of jewellery is quite unique nowadays, looks super pretty, and the quality often is quite good, especially in comparision to modern costume jewellery.

As we currently can’t visit fleamarkets, I recommend a virtual fleamarket trip for treasure hunting. I usually find quite pretty pieces at platforms like Etsy*, or Ebay.

Fashion Favourites – Outfit Details:

Blazer: Lena Hoschek, similar here

Skirt: Vintage, similar here*

Stockings: c/o Secrets in Lace

Gloves: Vintage, similar here*

Pumps: similar here*

Hat: Vintage, similar here*

Handbag: Vintage, similar here*

Lipstick: Rouge Dior Ultra Care in Bliss*

And now, I’m curious: Do you also have some favourites in your closet that always cheer you up?

1 Comment

  1. Waltraud G.
    27. June 2020 / 20:04

    I know what you mean about the gloves part. They are very personal items and when it gets colder outside, I love it because I can now put on my variety of vintage leather gloves on.

    I just purchased a pair of 2-button length (wrist) gloves off of ebay that looked beautiful with a very unique, old, noble stitching all over the back of the hand and I had the feel it might be worth the money. The image was blurry and the price super low (9 Euros) but I still gave it a shot. What I received were one of the finest gloves I’ve seen. The first moment when I had contact with the gloves, I felt their smooth and tender leather at my fingertips.. And the scent of leather was so strong as if the lady who owned them before forgot them (the leather had a temporary wrinkle) somehow but they also have a strong patina which means they have been worn a lot.

    These gloves fit as if made for my hands, the lining is so extremely comfortable (it is poly-acryle, but so fine it’s like silk on my skin!), the silver-yarned, baroque-styled embellishment is an eye catcher that creates a fantastic contrast on the else pitch-black leather. The leather itself, as said, heavenly tender and super soft, fantastic to wear and to look at. Sometimes I find myself ungloving one hand to ride my finger along the still gloved hand – to enjoy the pure tenderness of the leather of my new old gloves..

    This luxury of wearing such noble leather gloves is something left out today. Why wearing boots, hats, glasses etc. – but our hands only in winter? It’s a shame, but what can I do..

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