Shopping Tip: The most beautiful Maxi Dresses for Spring & Summer and how to style them

Shopping Tip: The most beautiful Maxi Dresses for Spring & Summer and how to style them
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Wonderful maxi dresses for summer

Warm sunrays on your skin, a breeze and a floating dress hugging your legs – doesn’t this sound like a perfect summer day? And what would be a better choice for such a day than wonderful maxi dresses? I personally believe, it is worth to invest a bit more in an amazing dress that you really love and want to wear over and over again (it doesn’t have to be a forune, of course). My maxi dress is by Lena Hoschek and my best vacation companion. And as soon as it get’s a bit warmer outside, I can’t wait to wear it again. So in this blogpost, I am not only going to show you some wonderful photos from my latest summer vacation in Croatia, but also the most beautiful maxi dresses for summer.

What to keep in Mind when shopping Maxi Dresses

My recommendation when shopping clothes: Make sure to only buy things your really like, that have great quality, and fit perfectly. If the latter isn’t the case, you can still alter dresses or go to a taylor, by the way. In my case, maxidresses are often too long, so I have to shorten them. If you only choose garments you really love, you will wear them on a regular base and for a long time and in the end, this saves money as well.

If you are a bit unsure what kind of maxi dress works for you, make sure to check out my maxi dress style guide.

PS: As a wedding guest, maxi dresses are a wonderful choice as well!

But now, let’s finally have a look at the most beautiful maxi dresses for spring and summer.

Wonderful Maxi Dresses for warm Summer Days:

RetroCat wearing a long summer dress at the beach in Croatia

I especially like dresses with lovely patterns and an enhanced waist. At TopVintage*, for example, you will find some wonderful retro maxi dresses, and here are some more:

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How to style Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses already look amazing, so they don’t need a lot of accessories. When it comes to shoes, I recommend flat sandals or cool wedges. My wedges are by Miss L-Fire and no longer available. But you will find other lovely ones at TopVintage*, for example.

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Sunglasses go very well with maxi dresses – I especially like super cool 1970-style ones, by the way.

If and what kind of jewellery you want to wear with your maxi dress is completely up to you. I personally sometimes team huge earrings with my dress. But it also looks great with no jewellery at all.

Hairflowers or straw hats are the cherry on the cake of  a look – however, they are not necessary in this case. Especially for a walk at the beach, I personally skip the hat.

When it comes to handbags, I like to choose basket bags. These look very summery and simply go perfectly well with the boho vibes of maxi dresses.

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