Every makeup needs a matching lipstick. And despite the fact that I love wearing bright lipsticks, I prefer a more natural look with just a hint of colour in spring. A gloss, however, is too sticky for me most of the time while a lipstick isn’t super practical as you can’t fresh it up without a mirror. Now, I found a perfect alternative: The Dior Addict Gradient Lipstick! This one adds just the right amout of colour to my lips and still looks natural. In this review, I introduce “Fuchsia Twist” (No. 760) to you.

Der Dior Addict Gradient Lipstick aus der Frühjahrskollektion 2017

Dior Addict Gradient Lipstick: Texture and Quality

The covering power of the lipstick is quite gentle. However, the colour intensity of the Gradient Lipstick is higher than the colour intensity of common lipglosses. What I really love is the perfect glossy finish – neither too much nor too little. The lighter shade in the middle of the lipstick is enriched with lipcare oil and creates a wonderful top coat effect. My favourite colour “Fuchsia Twist” is a perfect pink for spring!

Due to the creamy texture, the lipstick feels amazing on the lips and makes them look healthy and trimmed. The Dior Addict Gradient Lipstick doesn’t dry out the lips, isn’t sticky at all, and lasts quite long.

Sandra vom Beauty-Blog RetroCat mit dem Dior Addict Gradient Lipstick in "Fuchsia Twist"

Dior Addict Gradient Lipstick: Beautiful Design and high-end Price

The lipstick has a very beautiful, elegant design. The inner part of the packaging is silver-coloured while the outter part is shining in rainbow repectively spectral colours. I like the round shape of the product and that it’s super easy to apply – even without a mirror.

A bit unpractical is in my opinion the ball-shaped end of the lipstick as it’ impossible to place the product upright if it’s not closed. But of course one can simply lay it down. All in all, not only the lipstick is luxurious, but also the price with about 33 Euro (in Germany). However, a high price never stopped me from buying beautiful things. I guess I’m an ad-man’s dream. 😉

Der pinke Dior Addict Gradient Lipstick aus der Dior Frühjahrskollektion 2017

PS: The Dior Addict Gradient Lipstick in “Fuchsia Twist” is from the spring collection 2017 and therefore limited. So if you want one: hurry! You can shop the product here for example.

Der Dior Addict Gradient Lipstick in "Fuchsia Twist" im Test

Summary: The Dior Addict Gradient Lipstick is beautiful inside and out, and “Fuchsia Twist” is a perfect pink colour for spring. Due to the creamy texture and round shape it’s super easy to apply – even without a mirror. The lipstick lasts quite long, the price is with about 33 Euro (in Germany) a bit high, though.

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