Clear Umbrellas: Stylish Accessories for rainy Days

Clear Umbrellas: Stylish Accessories for rainy Days
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The most beautiful clear umbrellas

I personally absolutely love rainy weather. Yes, really! You can stay in bed a little longer, as the sunrays aren’t already shining through the window. Then during the day, I enjoy a walk trough the rain. There are less people outside, and most of the time, I almost have the park for myself. And in the evening, I like to listen to the rain pattering against the window while reading a good book.

My must-have for walks through the rain is a cute umbrella. I always choose a super cute one, of course. Because when the weather already is bad, we at least should carry something beautiful with us, shouldn’t we? So in the following, I am going to show you some wonderful, clear umbrellas and tell you where to shop them.

Clear Umbrellas

RetroCat wearing a vintage dress and a clear umbrella with cat print

I personally really like clear umbrellas. They not only look super cool, but are also very practical. Especially when the rain is very heavy and comes from all sides, you can hide your complete head underneath your umbrella and still see something. 😉

Transparent Umbrellas with Animal Prints

Clear umbrellas: RetroCat with an umbrella with a kitty print

My favourite umbrella is one with a cat print*. Because although I like rain, RetroCat doesn’t like to get wet, just like a real cat. 😉 PS: There are also super cute umbrellas with a dog print* or other animal prints available.

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Flower Power: A clear Cherryblossom Umbrella

RetroCat with a pink, clear umbrella with cherryblossom print

Even more than “normal” rain, I like rain of flowers. Is there anything more beautiful than standing underneath a cherryblossom tree, while the blossoms are slowly falling down? I don’t think so. Unfortunately, this beautiful time of the year only last for a very short period of time. A clear umbrealla with cherryblossom print* helps to at least feel like you are standing underneath a blossoming tree all year long. 😉

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More stylish, clear Umbrellas

Beside umbrellas with flower and blossom prints, of course there are many other beautiful ones available. I especially like to look for them on TopVintage*, Amazon* or Ebay*.

And here are some of my favourites:

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With such cool umbrellas, I can’t even wait for the next rainy day. 🙂

PS: In this blogpost, I show you a gorgeous raincoat that would go very well with a clear umbrella.

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  1. Mustafa TAN
    14. April 2021 / 10:46

    You are a very beautiful woman! I love looking at your photos.💞💝💖

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