Mirror, Mirror in the Hand: Magical and practical Pocket Mirrors

Mirror, Mirror in the Hand: Magical and practical Pocket Mirrors
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Wonderful hand and pocket mirrors

Beside blotting paper and lipstick, there is another small piece in my handbag I wouldn’t miss: A pocket mirror! And as I own quite a few handbags, I also need several pocket mirrors. Because you know, I have one problem: I am usually in a rush and just grab a handbag that goes with my outfit. Most of the time, I am happy if I didn’t forget something important like my keys and purse. But I can be sure I will forget to put a pocket mirror in my handbag.

So beside some blotting papers and a lipstick, I have a little mirror in every single one of my favourite handbags, just to be sure. I especially like some special little vintage pocket mirrors, of course. I found them on fleamarkets, in vintage stores and got some from my grandma. In the following, I am going to show you my very favourite pocket mirrors and found some lovely alternatives for you.

Small vintage Hand Mirrors for the Handbag

RetroCat with a small vintage hand mirror for the handbag

A little hand mirror with an embroidery on the back is a wonderful piece for your handbag! My little hand mirror was a real surprise, by the way. I found it in one of my vintage handbags from a small shop. Since the mirror glass is not protected, I recommend to put this kind of mirror into an inner pocket, as it can get damaged by your keys or something like this.

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Glamorous Pocket Mirrors

RetroCat with a pocket mirror in the shape of a shell

Pocket mirrors that can be folded are more practical than hand mirrors, if you want to put them into your handbag. So it is no wonder that most of my small mirrors are foldable pocket mirrors. My very favourite pocket mirror is the one you can see in the picture: It not only is gold, has a wonderful shell-shape as well as two mirror glasses, it is also a heirloom from my beloved grandma. So every time I check my make-up with this mirror, I think of her.

Alternatively, you can also look for vintage powder compacts* with a mirror. If you are just a little bit more talented than I am, you might be even able to transfer new powder into your vintage compact. 😉

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Pocket Mirrors with LEDs

RetroCat with a pocket mirror with leds

A very practical accessory for your handbag is a pocket mirror with led lights. With this, you can even check and touch up your make-up when the lighting is very bad. So this is my favourite kind of pocket mirror for my party handbag.

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