My monthly Review for September: Late Summer meets early Autumn

My monthly Review for September: Late Summer meets early Autumn
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My monthly review for September

It feels like September passed in no time. I spent a lot of time in the countryside, this month. But now, I am back in Munich. Oh how I missed the hustle and bustle in the city! A stroll through the pretty streets as well as a coffee break every now and then, watching the passing people – this really is how a perfect day looks like for me. In the following, I am going to tell you what else I did, bought and discovered in September.

What I did:

I went out for long walks and enjoyed those very last warm and long evenings. Soon, the sun will set in late afternoon and the nights will be very long again. So I really try to make the best out of those last late summer sunrays. In the evening, I made lavender sachets while watching my favourite series. But I also met a dear friend in the city to have coffee and do some shopping.

Furthermore, I baked a lot! Breads, baguettes, focaccia and other things. I even baked that much that I wasn’t able to eat everything I made. So now, my freezer is full and mum and granny won’t run out of bread anytime soon.

What I bought

RetroCats flea market finds

I bought a few things noone really need at a flea market. But oh, they so cool! I found a copper kettle as well as a very fancy sugar tong in shape of a paw. Furthermore, I invested in an amazingly beautiful corset by Agent Provocateur*. Of course I will show it to you here on, soon. 😉

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What I discovered

I’ve been following Alessandra Rich for quite a while on Instagram. But in September, it was the first time that I tried on something from this brand. The garments look really amazing, don’t they?

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Inspiration of Autumn:

My favourite time of the year just started and I decided it is time for a new decoration as well as some new and very elegant outfits.

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