From romantic to stylish: The most beautiful Handbags for Brides

From romantic to stylish: The most beautiful Handbags for Brides
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Lovely handbags for brides

To be honest: You usually don’t need a lot of stuff on your wedding day. However, a few pieces are definitely helpful. A lipstick, pocket mirror and handkerchief, for example. And the most beautiful way to carry those useful objects is a lovely bridal handbag.

How to find the most beautiful Bridal Handbag for your Wedding

Of course your wedding handbag should match the style of your dress. But I also like some smaller stylistic inconsistencies. You can even add a pop of colour to your bridal look with the help of the right handbag. However, make sure that your handbag does not catch all of the attention. I personally think, here the motto: less is more definitely is true.

Heart-shaped Wedding Handbags

What kind of bag would match a wedding better than a heart-shaped bridal handbag? They are available in different colours and styles. What about aa subtle ivory shade (via Asos, for example*), or one with some sparkly decorations, via Kate Spade*, for example.

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Round Bridal Handbags

A round clutch in a light shade looks amazing with many different kind of wedding dresses. No matter if vintage, romantic or modern – this kind of bridal handbag always is a good idea.

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Bridal Handbags with a pop of Colour

A handbag is a wonderful way to add a little pop of colour to your bridal outfit. However, make sure to not choose a handbag in a colour that is very bright. I rather recommend shade like a very light rose-colour or gold, for example.

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Fancy & stylish Handbags for Brides

If you prefer a more fancy kind of style, you can choose a wedding handbag in an unusual shape. And what about a basket bag for your bridal look (via Kate Spade*, for example)? A perfect handbag for a boho bride.

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The classy Clutch for Weddings

A sublte clutch in white or ivory is a classic and defintiely perfect for many different kind of wedding dresses. If you like, you can choose one with some lovely details like a sparkly buckle, for example.

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Pearl, Lace & Rhinestones: Cheerful Bridal Handbags

Pears, rhinestones and lace look very romantic and are therefore perfect for glamorous weddings – and your wedding handbag!

Tip: You can also search for pretty white handbags with pearls in vintage stores. I often found some reals bargains over there!

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