When you think about sightseeing in Croatia, the Plitvice lakes or Krka National Park are probably the first things that come to your mind. Well, we already visited all those beautiful national parks so this time, we wanted to see something else. And when I heard about the donkey ranch “Dar Mar” in Poljica Brig, I knew I had to go there.

Travel Tip for Croatia: The Donkey Ranch Dar Mar near Zadar

The “Ranč Dar Mar” is located in Poljica Brig which is near Zadar. Thanks to a huge donkey head, you really can’t miss it. For only 10 Kuna (about 1,30 €) you can buy a feeding dish for the animals and visit the ranch. It was such a fun to feed and caress all the donkeys (how cute are the baby donkeys??) and other animals like pigs, geese, dogs and chicken.

With children, I think the donkey ranch is a must. But not only kids like it there, we had such a beautiful day at “Dar Mar” and will come back next year.

Junge Esel auf der Farm Dar Mar

RetroCat im Rock von Von 50'

Futterneid unter den Tieren auf der Eselfarm Dar Mar

Ein Jungtier auf der Eselfarm Dar Mar

RetroCat mit Sonnenschirm und Top von Dovima

RetroCat vor dem Turm der Eselfarm Dar Mar

RetroCat füttert einen Esel auf der Ranch Dar Mar

RetroCat auf der Eselfarm Dar Mar in Kroatien

I was wearing:

Top: Dovima

Skirt: Von 50′ (on sale!)

Shoes: Buffalo

Parasol: via Ebay

Earclips: Glitter Paradise

Travelling: The Donkey Ranch Dar Mar in Poljica Brig

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