Lifts Up The Mood: A Flamingo Cardigan by Banned Apparel

Lifts Up The Mood: A Flamingo Cardigan by Banned Apparel

Who is pink, has slim legs, a long neck and smells like fish? Flamingos of course! They are one of my favourite animals, probably just because of their great colour. 😉 Therefore it’s no wonder that the flamingo cardigan from Banned is one of my favs. To match the embroidery I chose a pink neoprene skirt from Asos. But the cherry on the cake of this look is definitely the cute flamingo brooch from Glitter Paradise. Since there is so much going on on my cardie, I thought it would be more beautiful to wear the brooch with some flowers in my hair.

A beautiful makeup with a lot of pinks goes together so well with this retro spring look. My pink lipstick is “Le Fuchisa” by Yves Saint Laurent, eyeshadow and blush are by Dior.

A colourful look like this always lifts my mood. 🙂

RetroCat in einem Cardigan mit Flamingo-Stickerei von Banned

RetroCat mit Cardigan und Tasche von Banned Apparel

RetroCat mit Cardigan und passendem Haarschmuck

RetroCat in einem frühlingshaften Vintage-Look

RetroCat mit Cardigan und Rouge von Dior

RetroCat in einem rosa Tellerrock von Asos

RetroCat mit einer Flamingo-Brosche von Glitter Paradise

RetroCat in einer schwarzen Strickjacke von Banned Apparel

RetroCat beim Make-up-Auffrischen

RetroCat mit einer Retro-Tasche und Tellerrock


Outfit details:

Cardigan: Banned Apparel

Skirt: Asos (old but similar here)

Boots: old but similar here

Bag: Banned

Earrings: Glitter Paradise

Flamingo brooch: Glitter Paradise

Hairflowers: old but similar here


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