Incorrigible RetroCat: 10 funny Facts you didn’t know about me

Incorrigible RetroCat: 10 funny Facts you didn’t know about me

We all have our own little (and funny) idiosyncrasies. In this blog post I tell you ten of mine. Enjoy reading!


1. I like apples, but I don’t like apple juice

In the other way round I like orange juice but no oranges. Why? I really don’t know.

Zwei Äpfel für einen gesunden Snack

2. I’m a very bad housewife

I really love the fashion of the 50s but as a housewife back then I would have totally failed: I cook noodles with tomato sauce almost every day, I rarely clean my windows, furthermore I don’t wash my dirty clothes and bring them to my mum instead. I think I should work on this. 😉 Plants also rarely survive in my home, even my cactus died.

RetroCats Tee und Deko

3. I love bats

In my opinion, bats are very fascinating and super cute. I also like mice, unfortunately I normally see them only dead, because my cat likes them, too. PS: You can shop the vampire cardigan here.

RetroCat in einem Vampir-Cardigan von Hell Bunny

4. I hate elevators

The rude start and stop of lifts always give me collywobbles. I’m also afraid of stucking in an elevator. Therefore I prefer the stairs, they are better for my body and stomach.

RetroCat mit Vintage-Kleid in einem Aufzug

5. I love crime series

Navy CIS, Navy CIS LA, CSI Miami, Law & Order, I know them all and watch them on a very regular base. I also like Game of Thrones, Homeland and House of Cards.

RetroCats Schuhe von Agent Provacateur vor einem TV

6. I only write with blue ballpens

I don’t like black ballpens at all and sort them out every time I get ahold of one.

RetroCats Kalender und Stift

7. I own a least 15 red lipsticks

In my defense I have to say that I wear red lipstick almost every day. So I really need them all. 😉

RetroCats rote Lippenstifte von Chanel, Mac und Revlon

8. I love travelling, but I hate packing

I always forget the most important things and take a lot of useless stuff with me instead. Quite often I packed five sorts of tea and ten gossip magazines (I will never read) but forgot my teethbrush or socks. PS: Find my latest travel destinations here.

RetroCat beim Kofferpacken

9. I do everything in the nick of time

I do everything in the last possible moment, especially unpleasant things. I pack one hour before my journey starts and start to learn one day before my exams. Although experts dissuade from this stragedy, it works very well for me. However I often get stressed out because of this. PS: You can shop the retro alarm clock here.

RetroCats Retro-Wecker von London Clock

10. I’m a bad sailor

I get seasick the moment I see a boat or ship. I even felt queasy during a harbor tour and there wasn’t one single wave at all. After a quite traumatic experience at the age of 13 during a shipping from Italy to Corsica, I steer clear of everything that swims on the water (except of my swim donut).

RetroCat in einem maritimen Outfit vor einem Segelboot

Now I’m curious: What are your little idiosyncrasies?

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