RetroCat’s monthly Review – February: A Hint of Spring

RetroCat's monthly Review - February: A Hint of Spring
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My monthly review: February

On the one side, I feel like February was over in no time, on the other side, it also somehow felt like this month went by super slowly. What I know for sure, though, is that I lost all my sense of time during the last year. 🙂 But that doesn’t really matter. I actually liked February. The month started super cold with less than -10 °C and ended springlike with lots of sunshine. And with the sunrays, my motivation came back, so I already planned some fun photo shoots for Marchs. But for now, let’s talk about February.

What I did:

RetroCats monthly review for February: The Isar

During my long walks in nature, I already found some wonderful crocuses – spring really is just around the corner! This is also why I decided to start planting things for my own balcony. I went for vegetables like tomatos, peppers and potatos as well as a lot of pretty flowers. I really can’t wait to see all my plants grow and bloom!

Otherwise, nothing really interesting happened. I took some photos for the blog and enjoyed the first hints of spring.

What I wore:

I wore quite a few different things in February. At the beginning of the month, due to the very cold temperatures, I went for warm winter coats, hats, scarfs and gloves. At the end of February, though, I already was able to go out with my trenchcoat and sunglasses. On Valentine’s Day, I wore a super cute playsuit with heart print by Agent Provocateur*, and at home, I put on some glamorous loungewear.

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What I bought:

RetroCat planting flowers for her balcony

I actually mainly bought things for my balcony as well as a new sunscreen with a high SPF – very important for these first few sunny spring days. 🙂

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What I am looking forward to in March

I am looking forward to warm temperatures, delicate nylons, springlike colours and patterns, flowery scents and hopefully a lot of sunshine.

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