Retro Alarm Clocks and Cookie Boxes: vintage inspired Homewear I love

Retro Alarm Clocks and Cookie Boxes: vintage inspired Homewear I love

Often, you don’t need much to transform a nice flat into a lovely home. My apartment interior is, surprise(!), mainly modern. Some vintage inspired decorative articles however, bring that retro flair into my home. Which articles? I will show you all of them in this blog post.

1. Retro Kitchenwear

As you maybe already know from this blog post, I’m not a very talented housewife. Yet, I really  love retro kitchenwear, especially cute cookie boxes. (I love the cookies inside as well.) Shop this gorgeous “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” box here, a similar napkin holder is available here. And did you noticed the drip map? The quote is so true! You can buy it here.

RetroCats Retro-Küchenutensilien


2. Red Mules by Agent Provocateur

I don’t have lots of space anyway, so I like to convert my red mules by Agent Provocateur into a decorative article. They are together with colour matching flowers in front of my TV.

Rote Mules von Agent Provocateur und farblich passende Blumen

3. Coffee-Table Books

The name says everything, so I don’t think I need to explain more: Coffee-table books look gorgeous on a coffee-table!

Eine Vintage-Tasse und Mode-Bildbände

4. Macaron Cushions

Macarons are so delicious! For some French flair at home, I invested in super cute Macaron cushions. They are available at Amazonfor example.

Lifestyle-Bloggerin RetroCat mit Macaron-Kissen

5. Model Cars

The perfect home accessory for vintage and oldtimer lovers like me? A model car like my Mercedes 300 SL, available here.

Sektgläser und ein Mercedes SL 300 Modellauto

6. Vintage Jewellery

You would like to know why I use my vintage jewellery as decoration? Then read point two again. Isn’t this the most glamorous way to accessorize ones home?

Vintage-Schmuck und Dior-Taschen

7. Pink Roses

Pink roses are perfect to raise my spirits, even on gloomy and rainy days.

Pinke Rosen und Kerzen und RetroCats Wohnung

8. Scented Candles

I love candles! Especially candles with an intense scent for early fall and winter days, and fresh ones for late winter and early spring days.

Rosen, Lichterkette und Duftkerzen

9. A Japanese Tea Pot

Tea time is my favourite time of the day. Therefore it’s no wonder that I’m obsessed with lovely tea pots like this one.

Bildbände und eine japanische Teekanne im Retro-Stil

10. A retro Alarm Clock by London Clock

Is being awakened by a retro alarm clock more pleasant than by a normal alarm clock? Not really, but it simply looks better on the bedside table. Shop a very similar clock here.

Ein hellblauer Retro-Wecker von London Clock

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