Bizarre and unbelievable: 10 funny Facts you didn’t know about me – Part 2

Bizarre and unbelievable: 10 funny Facts you didn’t know about me – Part 2

I love reading funny facts about others as much as I enjoy looking at bloopers. And as there are a lot of bizarre things to tell about me, I decided to share ten funny facts you didn’t know about me – part 2 in this blogpost. Enjoy reading!

1. I’m able to reach my nose with my tongue

RetroCat beim Herausstrecken ihrer langen Zunge

2. I met my boyfriend Martin for the first time at the Oktoberfest

This point is as funny as embarrassing. But in 2010, Martin and I got paired off at the Oktoberfest. This has been our last visit at the Wiesn, by the way, although we are living in Munich. 😉

RetroCat mit ihrem Freund Martin

3. I’m very clumsy and therfore always have black and blue marks

Furthermore, it’s super easy to frighten me. 😛

RetroCat - ein kleiner Tollpatsch

4. My cat is very huge and weights more than six kilogrammes

This is mainly due to the fact that his daily routine looks like: getting up, going on my nerves, begging for food, eating, sleeping, begging for food, eating, sleeping, getting up…

RetroCats dicker Kater

5. I hate Avocados

Pretty photos of avocado toasts on Instagram – that’s a blogger cliché I can’t relate to. I hate the green fruit. I neither like the taste nor the consistency. But instead, I love everything with roses! Just make something which smells or tastes like roses, and I will definitely buy it. 😉

RetroCats Rosen-Schokolade

6. As a Child, I wanted to be a secret agent

So if I wasn’t a blogging student, I maybe would catch bad guys. If you need an outfit inspiration for a very authentic secret agent look, then check out this outfitpost. 😉

RetroCat als Geheimagentin/Spionin

7. I’m always hungry and therefore always looking for something to eat

Always… Ask Martin. 😉

Bloggerin RetroCat beim Essen einer Spiralkartoffel

8. I judge Movies and DVDs by their Posters/Covers

Most of the time, I form a negative opinion of a movie before I have seen it, because I simply don’t like the poster/cover, just to find out that the movie isn’t that bad after watching it. 😉

RetroCats DVD-Sammlung

9. I always read on the Internet how a Series continues

I can’t cope with tension and therefore always have to read how a series continues. And then I tell poor Martin all the spoilers (I’m a bad girlfriend, I know ;-)).

RetroCats Game-of-Thrones DVD

10. I have problems with keys

Either I forget my keys, or I turn them in the wrong direction and claim that the lock is broken.

RetroCat vor einer verschlossenen Tür
“Let me in please, because I’m not able to use a key properly.” 😛

For all of you who want to know even more strange things about me: Find the blogpost with 10 funny things you didn’t know about me part 1 here. And if there is something funny to tell about you, leave me a comment, if you like. 😉

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