Perfect for special Occasions: A breathtaking 50s Dress by Victoria Royal Ltd.

Perfect for special Occasions: A breathtaking 50s Dress by Victoria Royal Ltd.

One of my new year resolutions was to invest more in true vintage pieces. Although I didn’t buy many original pieces from the 40s to 50s I bought some very special ones like the sparkling whool dress from my latest outfit post. Now, I want to welcome the new year in another breathtaking 50s dress.

A glamorous 50s Dress for New Year’s Eve and special Occasions

The couture dress is by Victoria Royal Ltd. and embroidered with many sequins. Especially the sparkling off-shoulder top is a real show-stopper. If you have a second look at it, you will be surprised by all the amazing details the dress has. There is a sequined underskirt which shows up wonderfully when the wearer is moving.

The 50s dress is from the private collection of the shop owner of Maison Chi Chi Vintage and is therefore now longer availble. On Etsy, however, there are some wonderful Victoria Royal Ltd. garments online.

Such an eye-catching dress doesn’t need a lot of accessories so I only chose sparkling earrings and a classy pearl bracelet. Stockings by Secrets in Lace and black pumps finish this glamorous 50s look.

Hairstyling tips for off-shoulder Dresses

Off-shoulder dresses look even better if the hair is worn in an elegant updo. A perfect choice is a huge but simple bun. For this, I use a big hair donut.

After all the reds and golds during Christmas time I now want some fresh colours. This is why I used flattering pink and rose shades on my eyes and lips.

We took the photos in beautiful Füssen. This city in the very south of Germany was also the location for my Audrey Hepburn post.

Now, I wish you a wonderful New Year’s Eve party and a lovely start into the next year!

PS: I don’t have new year resolutions for 2017, but I guess buying more true vintage pieces is something I can do again next year. 😉

Vintage-Bloggerin RetroCat in einem funkelnden 50er-Jahre-Kleid

Bloggerin RetroCat in einem Vintage-Kleid von Victoria Royal Ltd.

Fashion-Bloggerin RetroCat mit Vintage-Kleid und Nahtstrümpfen von Secrets in Lace

RetroCat in einem glamourösen schulterfreien Vintage-Kleid aus den 50ern

Mode-Bloggerin RetroCat in einem luxuriösen Vintage-Kleid

RetroCat in einem glamourösen Silvester-Kleid

Vintage-Bloggerin RetroCat in einem Vintage-Kleid vor atemberaubendem Alpenpanorama

Bloggerin RetroCat in einem glitzernden Bleistiftkleid aus den 50ern

RetroCat in einem Paillettenkleid aus den 50ern

RetroCat in einem bestickten Vintage-Kleid aus den 50ern

RetroCat mit glamourösem Vintage-Kleid, großem Dutt und Nahtstrümpfen

A 50s Dress for special Occasions: The Details

50s dress: Victoria Royal Ltd. (vintage) via Maison Chi Chi

Stockings: Secrets in Lace Europe

Pumps: similar here

Earrings/Bracelet: Vintage

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