Outtakes: My funniest Photos from 2016

Outtakes: My funniest Photos from 2016

I’m writing for my vintage blog RetroCat.de for more than one and a half year (see my first blog post here), now. Normally, I only share my best photos with you. What nearly nobody knows: Sometimes we took more than 100 (!) pictures for one blog post, from which we only publish about ten. This is mainly because in most of the them I have either my eyes closed, dance very very bad, or loose my sunnies while I’m twirling.

So instead of doing a traditional outfit round-up, I decided to share my funniest photos from 2016 with you.

The Outtakes 2016:

This photo is acutally from 2015, it’s an outtake, though. You will find the full blog post (with better pictures) here.

RetroCat mit einem blauen Vintage-Kleid beim Tanzen

Dancing and twirling is always very challenging for me. In the end, however, we got some photos which are worth publishing.

RetroCat bei einem Tanzversuch

Playing in the snow is so much fun that I totally forgot to open my eyes. Find all outfit details in this blog post.

RetroCat beim Spielen im Schnee

Here, my photographer took the pictures two seconds too early, beacause I actually wanted to jump. After some more attempts, however, we finally made it, as you can see here.

RetroCat bei einem Sprungversuch

This was a test shot – sometimes I just can’t be serious, sorry. 😛 Find the full article here.

RetroCat beim Grimasse-Schneiden

A photo we took in the Forggensee. Read more here.

RetroCats Outtakes 2016: eine weitere Grimasse

Well, this time it was not my fault, the light was just too green, so we decided to change the photo location.

RetroCat in grünem Licht

No underground shaft but the Tower of Prague. Unfortunately I don’t look as glamorous as Marilyn Monroe…

RetroCat auf dem Rathausturm mit wehendem Rock

Huhu! Find better outfit photos in this blog post.

Bloggerin RetroCat wirft einen Blick in die Kamera

This cat loved the Grünten Mode ensemble so much, she just had to had a better look at it.

RetroCat wurde von einer Katze gefotobombt

I always do my best at photo shoots, sometimes my sunglasses don’t survive this. 😉 By the way: we took the photos on our way to Tollwood in the Olympia Park Munich.

Bloggerin RetroCat fliegt die Sonnenbrille von der Nase

In summer, I published a blog post about my favourite boutique Maison Chi Chi Vintage in Munich. We has lots of fun producing it, as you can see here.

RetroCat beim Tanzversuch bei Maison Chi Chi Vintage

I hope you had fun reading this blog post! Before I’m going to sign off for this year, I will share my New Year’s Eve look with you, tomorrow.

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