One Day in Paradise: Mainau Island in Lake Constance

One Day in Paradise: Mainau Island in Lake Constance

It’s a kind of tradition that we visit new places over the Easter Weekend. Last year, we were in Vienna, this year our destination was Lake Constance. When there, visiting Mainau Island with it’s thousands of flowers is a must. In this blog post, I tell you what you shouldn’t miss over there and show you some impressions.

One Day in Paradise: Tips for the visit of Mainau Island in Lake Constance

Flowers over Flowers at Mainau Island

A day in nature surrounded by scented flowers in all colours of the rainbow – sounds like the perfect trip to escape from everyday life and calm down. A walk through the park captivates the senses! Birds are tweeting, and the thousands of plants not only look amazing, they also smell so. Therefore it’s no wonder that many animal species found their home at Mainau Island – just have a look at the happy lizards in our photo!

Drei Eidechsen beim Sonnen auf der Blumeninsel Mainau

Reise-Bloggerin RetroCat in einem Tulpenfeld auf der Insel Mainau

Eine Tulpe auf der Insel Mainau in der Detailansicht

Der Bodensee und seine Insel geschaffen aus Blumen

Ein Springbrunnen im Schlossgarten auf der Insel Mainau

Ein Weinberg auf der Blumeninsel Mainau

At Mainau Island, there is always something new to discover. During every season, other flowers are blooming; in April for example tulips. I have never seen so many of them in one place! But of course you will also discover some more exotic plant species there. In the Palm House e.g. there is an exhibition of orchids at the moment. On the website of Mainau Island you will find some informations about actual exhibitions and flowering seasons.

Blumen in Herzform auf der Blumeninsel Mainau

Lila Tulpen auf der Blumeninsel Mainau

Tulpen und ein Wasserfall auf der Insel Mainau

Gelbe Tulpen mit dem Bodensee im Hintergrund

Orchideen im Palmenhaus der Insel Mainau

Die Orchideenschau im Palmenhaus der Blumeninsel Mainau

Eine Pflanze auf der Insel Mainau im Bodensee in der Detailansicht

Ein kleiner Bach umgeben von Pflanzen auf der Insel Mainau

Zoo and Butterfly House at Mainau Island

The zoo at Mainau Island is something most of the children (and I) will love!

Ein Esel im Streichelzoo der Insel Mainau

I liked especially the Butterfly House. There, you will find about 120 different species. Beside butterflys, also fishes and turtles live in the Butterfly House – definitely worth a visit!

Ein Schmetterling auf einer rosa Blume

Ein Schmetterling verrichtet seine Arbeit im Schmetterlingshaus auf der Insel Mainau

Schildkröten im Schmetterlingshaus auf der Blumeninsel Mainau

Mainau Island: Restaurants and Service

Of course you will also find lots of food at Mainau Island. We had lunch at the restaurant “Schwedenschenke”. But despite the fact that the food was delicious, we were a bit disappointed. The service wasn’t that good: we had to wait for more than 20 minutes until someone took notice of us and our drinks came a long time after our food – what a pity. A positive point on the other side is that everything is organic and operated in a sustainable manner.

Eine Sitzgruppe auf der Insel Mainau im Bodensee

Mainau Island: Arrival

There are a lot of different possibilities when you want to visit Mainau Island. We arrived by ship, but it’s also possible to come by car. At weekends and holidays, however, it’s best to arrive by public transport or ship as parking spaces are limited.

Ein Schiff an der Anlegestelle Mainau im Bodensee

Mainau Island: Opening-Hours and Prices

Mainau Island is open every day from sunrise to sunset. The ticket prices depend on seasons and age, so it’s best to have a look at their price list.

All in all we had an amazing day at Mainau Island! The island of flowers is definitely worth a visit. However, it’s best to come on weekdays and avoid public holidays if possible as it’s very crowded then, especially when the weather is good.

Bloggerin RetroCat auf der Blumeninsel Mainau

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