Day Trip in Allgäu/Bavaria: Lake Alpsee in Hohenschwangau

Day Trip in Allgäu/Bavaria: Lake Alpsee in Hohenschwangau

The beautiful lake Alpsee in Hohenschwangau

In close proximity to the very popular castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau in southern Bavaria, you will find another, less known gem: The amazingly beautiful lake Alpsee in Hohenschwangau (not to be confused with the “big Alpsee – großer Alpsee” in Immenstadt). But let’s come back to Hohenschwangau. From the parking space “Alpsee Parkplatz” (very near to the parking spaces for the castles), you only need to walk a few steps to reach lake Alpsee. While you will most likely see some tourists there taking photos, you can enjoy the silence when you walk only a few minutes on the path around the lake – even on very sunny summer days. With a view over the Alps and the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, this place is a real must-visit when in southern Bavaria!

A Route around Lake Alpsee in Hohenschwangau

Lake Alpsee is one of the cleanest lakes in Bavaria – and the perfect place to really cool down, as the lake gets its water from underground springs. After walking for about 10 minutes, you will reach the sunbathing area with a kiosk, toilets and chaging rooms.

Although one can easily spend several hours here, I definitely recommend to continue the circular route. Walking directly at the lake in the shade of the woods, everything feels so peaceful. The views are simply breathtaking and due to the woods, temperatures are usually quite pleasant, even on very hot days. Make sure to wear proper shoes as you also have to climb some stony paths, though.

The circular route around lake Alpsee takes about two hours. And eventhough it was midsummer and one of the busiest times in Hohenschwangau, we were almost alone on the path. So this also is a place for everyone who prefers to avoid crowds.

PS: Lake Alpsee is not only in summer amazingly beautiful! Springs, autumns and winters are lovely here as well!

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