Not an ordinary Café: Ladencafé Marais in Munich with a lovely 1920s Charme

Not a usual Café: Ladencafé Marais in Munich with a lovely 1920s Charme

The Ladencafé Marais in Munich Westend

Vintage shopping is exhausting! So one definitely needs a coffee break every now and then. But wouldn’t it be amazing to shop directly at the café? Well, at the Ladencafé Marais in Munich, exactly this is possible. By the way, Ladencafé could be translates with store café. So it means a café where you also can buy stuff. But let’s come back to the Ladencafé Marais: Here, you can not only have a cup of coffee and shop pretty things, you also feel like you travelled back in time to the 1920s. This has been a textile store before and you will still find the original furniture from the 20s in there. Old wooden floors, heavy tables, and an old cash register add a very lovely vintage charme to this place.

A Travel back in Time: The Ladencafé Marais in Munich

Ladencafé Marais is definitely not an ordinary café. It reminds me more of a French antique store. Audrey Tautou would fit in here very well. At the Marais, you no only find delicious cakes, coffee and breakfast, but also a lot of things to look at! And while you sip a cup of coffee, you can have a look at the furniture as you can even buy the lovely vintage interior!

Furthermore, you will find handmade jewellery, clothes, vintage accessories and organic cosmetics over there. The perfect place for vintage and coffee lovers like me! Also, you definitely don’t come here for work – you won’t find Wifi here – but rather for a chat and to have a good time with some friends.

As you can see, this is a very lovely and special place in Munich that’s definitely worth a visit!

The cakes at the café Marais in Munich Westend

Address and Opening Hours:

Parkstr. 2 80339 Munich Open: Tuesday – Saturday 8 am until 8 pm and Sunday 10 am 6 pm, closed on Mondays Website:

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