A 30s Outfit and sexy Curves with the “Florence” Body by Vedette Shapewear

A 30s Outfit and sexy Curves with the “Florence” Body by Vedette Shapewear

I simply love the glamorous fashion of bygone eras! Figure-hugging cuts, sparkling accessories, and elegant stockings – these are all things that make everyday-life much more beautiful for me. Of course I’m not always perfectly styled. However, I always try to bring the best out of me and the time I have. Sometimes this means I’m only able to wear a dress, a bit of mascara, and lipstick. On other days, though, I’m styled from head to toe and apply a lot of makeup. In this post I show you a look which belongs to the latter category and therefore is perfect for a romantic dinner or fun night out.

A glamorous Outfit inspired by the 30s

My outfit this time is inspired by the 30s. The fishtail skirt by the House of Foxy is one of my favourites and made it up to the blog quite a few times. Find more outfits here, here, and here for example.

I teamed the skirt with a seductive, sheer vintage blouse. But of course I don’t want to show everything, so a black body is a pretty good option underneath see-through tops.

RetroCat in einem eleganten 30er-Jahre-Outfit in Landsberg

RetroCat mit einem grauen Bleistiftrock und transparenter Bluse

RetroCat mit 30er-Jahre-Rock und schwarzen Nahtstrümpfen von Secrets in Lace

The “Florence” Body by Vedette Shapewear

Shapewear often is associated with unattractive nude underwear. The “Florence” body by Vedette Shapewear, however, prooves that shapewear definitely can look beautiful and elegant. I was really surprised how comfortable this body is. Due to the amazing quality “Florence” feels amazing on the skin – even after a long day or night. For a perfect silhouette, I especially love to wear the body underneath tight dresses or skirts.

RetroCat mit dem schwarzen Body "Florence" von Vedette Shapewear

RetroCat mit einem schwarzen Shapewear-Body von Vedette

Elegant vintage inspired Accessories

As I already mentioned before, I don’t always have time to style myself, respectively my hair. A glamorous way to hide bad hair days is to simply wear a chic hat or turban.

Another highlight of my look are the Vintage Dot Backseam stockings by Secrets in Lace which look almost as if they are made of the same fabric as my blouse. A silver vintage handbag as well as subtle jewellery finish the 30s inspired vintage outfit.

RetroCat mit transparenter Bluse und dem "Florence" Body von Vedette Shapewear

RetroCat mit den Vintage Dot Backseam Stockings von Secrets in Lace Europe

RetroCat mit einem Turban im Retro-Stil und einer Vintage-Bluse

RetroCat mit gepunkteten Nahtstrümpfen von Secrets in Lace

30s inspired Outfit – the Details:

Body “Florence”: c/o Vedette Shapewear

Blouse Vintage, similar here

Skirt: The House Of Foxy, available in black

Stockings: c/o Secrets in Lace (also available at SecretsInLace.com)

Turban: via TopVintage

Shoes: similar here

Earrings: very similar here

Handbag: Vintage

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