Christmas gift guide: Gift ideas for your parents

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Usually, it is not too difficult to make your parents smile with a present. I mean, they had to act like they really liked our self painted pictures which, most of the time, only were a plain paper with some lines and colours on it. Nowadays, I no longer gift self painted pictures, mainly because my paiting skill never really improved since my childhood. 😉 Instead, I created a list with lovely gift ideas for your parents, which I divided into the following categories: gift ideas for your parents, gift ideas for your mum, and gift ideas for you dad. Of course many of the gift ideas not only work for your mum or dad, but for both. However, I believe it is easier to search for specific gift ideas with these categories.

Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for your Parents

Geschenkideen für die Eltern: RetroCats Weihnachtsgeschenke-Guide

Gift Ideas for your Parents: Giftcard for a romantic Dinner Night

A romantic dinner is a great gift idea for your parents, so they can spend some time together and enjoy a lovely night out. Of course it depends on what your parents like, but I think especially varieté dinner shows are a great idea to gift.

Gift Idea for your Parents: Travel Voucher

If you have a bit more budget or maybe want to gift something together with your siblings, I believe a travel voucher is a really great Christmas gift idea. Of course, this gift depends once again on what your parents like. Maybe a relaxed weekend at a wellness hotel? Or rather a ski vacation? Or maybe a city trip? As you can see, there are a lot of different options.

PS: In case your budget is a bit lower, a voucher for a day at a spa is a great alternative.

Gift Idea for your Parents: Matching Bathrobes

Matching bathrobes are a wonderful gift idea! Especially if your parents like to visit spas or saunas. Make sure to invest in high-quality ones that feel super cosy. 😉

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Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for your Mother

Geschenkideen für die Mutter: RetroCats Weihnachtsgeschenke-Guide

A beautiful Carafe

A beautiful carafe always looks great on the table and one definitely can own more of them than one! Because sometimes, you maybe have more guests or one of the carafes is in the dishwasher. A wonderful gift idea for your parents, in my opinion!

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Usually, I do not recommend to gift perfumes for Christmas, as tastes are very different here. Plus: perfumes smell different on different persons. But usually, you know your mother and her taste quite well, so I guess this is an exception and a perfume is definitely a good Christmas gift idea for your mum.

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A cosy Scarf

In winter, a cosy and warm scarf is definitely a must and also a wonderful gift idea for your mother. I recommend to gift a high-quality one made of cashmere or silk.

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Elegant Gloves

Elegant gloves are not only a great gift idea for the beloved girlfriend, but also for parents. Gloves are pracitcal and usually last quite long, if you choose high-quality ones. I personally especially love the ones by the German brand Roeckl, by the way. When it comes to colours, I personally would always go for neutral shades like black, creme, or brown. But if it matches the personal style and taste of your mum, you definitely can also gift gloves in brighter shades such as red, for example.

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Delicious Olive Oil

A delicious, high-quality olive oil is an amazing gift idea, not only for your parents, but also if you are invited to a party and don’t really know what kind of wine the host likes. But please, don’t buy cheap olive oil at a supermarket! I personally recommend to buy regional olive oil whenever you are on holidays in areas where this kind of oil is produced. As an alternative, you can also visit a local deli.

Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for your Father

Geschenkideen für den Vater: RetroCats Weihnachtsgeschenke-Guide

Aftershave Lotion

Just as perfume, aftershave lotion usually isn’t the best gift idea either, as once again, tastes are very different. But if you know what your father likes, you can definitely gift a good aftershave lotion, in my opinion.

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I was one of these childs that received socks on a regular base for Christmas and didn’t really like this gift back then. Nowadays, however, I think cosy, high-quality socks are a great Christmas gift idea! Especially for your father. I personally like to gift the ones by Falke*, by the way. 😉

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Beautiful cufflinks are another wonderful gift idea for your father. But this gift, of course, requires that your father actually wears suits. There are also gift sets available with cufflinks and a tie*, for example.

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(Cashmere) Sweater

Is there anything more comfortable in winter than a cosy (cashmere) sweater? I don’t think so. And I’m sure your father likes it warm and cosy as well. So why not gifting him a (cashmere) sweater? A shirt is a good alternative to a sweater, by the way.

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