Two Outfits inspired by the Downton Abbey II Movie

Two Outfits inspired by the Downton Abbey II Movie
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Downton Abbey II – A new Era

Have you already seen the new Downton Abbey II movie? If not, I highly recommend to do so! I must say I liked it much more than the first movie and it always feels so relaxing to watch the Crawley family in their wonderful home. In this blogpost, I want to share two late 1920s style outfits with you that are inspired by the new movie Downton Abbey II: A new Era.

2 Looks inspired by Downton Abbey II

Downton Abbey II takes place in the late 1920s. So we can see some classy cloche hats as well as typical 1920s dresses. However, there are also already some very feminine 193os style elements. Furthermore, in the movie it is summer, so we can get some inspiration from it for our next outfit.

A classy 1920s style Outfit with Cloche Hat and Dress

RetroCat wearing a 1920s style outfit inspired by the Downton Abbey movie

A cloche hat is THE accessory of the 1920s. So of course, this kind of hat should be part of my 20s style outfit. My hat is by Namico Hatdesign and goes perfectly well with my dress by Marlenes Töchter. A handbag by Nadja Christner and comfortable shoes and I am ready to go. This outfit is perfect for warm summer days, looks elegant but is still very comfy.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Marlenes Töchter

Hat: c/o Namico Hatdesign

Handbag: c/o Nadja Christner

Shoes: similar via TopVintage*

Earrings: Vintage, similar via TopVintage*

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A sporty retro Outfit

RetroCat wearing a sporty retro outfit

The young Crawleys like to do some sports like tennis, for example. Of course they are dressed perfectly well – even when they are doing sports. So the ladies are wearing skirts or dresses. What might sound a bit bizarre nowadays, isn’t that unpractical in reality. In a flared skirt, there is a lot of freedom of movement and when worn with flat shoes as well as a comfy top, this is a perfect outfit for some easier kind of sports.

Outfit Details:

Top: very similar via TopVintage*

Bright skirt: similar dress via Etsy*

Shoes: similar via TopVintage*

Headband: similar via Amazon*

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