What to do at 35°C? Take some Time off!

What to do at 35°C? Take some Time off!
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Well, it was a bit quiet here on RetroCat.de. The reason for that is as simple as banal: It was simply too hot. And don’t we all prefer spending those super warm summer days in the shade underneath a tree or at the beach? Overall, these warm temperatures stole me all my energy and creativity. So I did what was necessary: Took some time off! Of course I didn’t do nothing. I cooked and baked, went out for long walks in nature and cleaned out some old stuff. The rest of my time I spend in the shade with a cold drink.

My motivation and creativity now finally is coming back. So you can look forward to new blogposts with cool outfits and much more. And until then, I enjoy the last few hours of my Sunday and share my must-haves for lazy hot days with you:

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