Vintage Tea Time: Interview with Nicole Rhoslynn alias Madame Rhos

Vintage Tea Time: Interview with Nicole Rhoslynn alias Madame Rhos

Vintage Tea Time with Nicole Rhoslynn alias Madame Rhos

A while ago, I introduced the Vintage Tea Time to my blog A blog series, which is all about finding time for oneself and enjoy the little things of life. In my Vintage Tea Time, I tell you everything about what I read, which tea I drink, and my favourite beauty products. Unfortunately, though, the last books I showed, where in German, so I thought it doesn’t really make sense to translate the blogpost. This time, however, it’s a very special Vintage Tea Time as I have a great guest here on Nicole Rhoslynn alias Madame Rhos, who you maybe know from her great Instagram-Account!

Last October, I was happy enough to meet her in Berlin; read more about our photo shoot here and here.

Vintage Tea Time with Nicole Rhoslynn and Jasmine Tea

Vintage Tea Time mit RetroCat: Der Jasmin Tee von Lov Organic

Nicole has a lot of interesting things to say. So let’s get into a relaxed mood with a cup of tea! As I really can’t wait for spring, I love to drink floral teas, at the moment. My two favourites are the green rose tea by Kusmi as well as the jasmine tea by Lov Organic.

The smell and taste of both teas is amazing! And they are really high quality, made of real tea leaves. I usually drink the rose tea in the morning and the jasmine tea in the afternoon. If you want to try them, please click here.

This time, I don’t have a beauty tip for you, but instead, Nicole has lots of recommendations, so keep on reading!

Vintage Tea Time: Interview with Nicole Rhoslynn alias Madame Rhos

Vintage Tea Time: Ein Interview mit Madame Rhos
Model: Nicole Rhoslynn

Hello Nicole, I’m so happy you are participating in this interview! Can you tell us how and when you became aware of your passion for the vintage style?

Dear Sandra, thank you so much, I was really happy about your enquiry! I actually haven’t been a “eternal timetraveller” for a long time – only after the birth of my son in 2017, my style changed. But then radical – because I’ve been yearning for this fashion for a long time. It started in 2009, when the movie Coco avant Chanel came into the cinemas. I was so fascinated by her style and herself as a women. I read her biographies and the Chanel bag was on top of my wishlist. Not as a status symbol, but as I appreciate, admire, and even adore this woman for what she created. Chanel, for me, is a brand of self-determination and self-realisation. A few years later, I was able to fulfilled my dream, but my clothing style was still modern.

In 2017, I discovered accounts like vintagemaedchen, for example – I was surprised and said to me “Wow, some people still dress like this!” and I decided to do the same, immediately. I sold the content of my closet and reinvested the money in second hand vintage clothing. I grew into it step by step. There were some bad buys, of course, but it needed some time to find the kind of fashion I felt comfortable in and that worked best on me and my body – and this style is definitely the style of the 50s. Especially Dior’s New Look. Und you know what? When I retouch my photos, I sometimes think “Wow, that’s me!” – I’m very thankful for all the experiences, adventures, and influences in my life, because they made the woman of me, I’ve always wanted to be. This shows the power of wishes works!

Nicole Rhoslynn mit einer Chanel-Tasche
Model: Nicole Rhoslynn

True vintage or reproductions, what do you like more?

That’s very hard to say, I’m cheeky and open a third category: tailor-made. True vintage, of course, is the non plus ultra, but often only available online from foreign countries which leads to lots of customs, without any guarantee that the piece fits and is in good conditions. Furthermore, my prefered pieces are often too small.

Reproductions are practical, as they are easy to get – but unfortunately, the quality isn’t always what I want in my closet. I try a lot of thing, have ideas I want to bring to life. However, every brand has it’s own sizes, one has to try a lot to find the right size, which leads to bad buys.

This is why tailor-made items are the best for me – but of course also the most expensive alternative. But it’s not only about fitting, but also the fabrics and the realisation of my ideas. If I could, I would like to wear my own designs. Maybe one day.

Nicole Rhoslynn alias Madame Rhos in Paris
Model: Nicole Rhoslynn

What are your favourite places to shop vintage (style) clothing? Do you maybe have any insider tips for Berlin?

Unfortunately, I don’t have any insider tip. But „Glencheck“ and „Mimi loves vintage“ are wonderful shops in Berlin with true vintage pieces. Strychnin sells reproductions, but the owners are very lovely and always have, beside the common labels, some smaller, more unknown brands in stock, so you can try the fit of the garments.

Do you have a favourite piece of fashion in your closet? And if so, what is it?

Oh dear… too many… I think my black hat inspired by Dior’s New Look design, which I got from Ricarda of “Mein wunderbarer Hutsalon”. It’s not my last one – I want the same design in light colours and other variants – oh I love big hats!! Then, there is a light coloured halfhat, which I, unfortunately, wear ways too less. But I bought it with Vicky (Victoria alias Vintagemädchen), and therefore it has a story. Also my pearl necklace, for which I was searching for months, is one of my favourites – this surprise gift from Vicky always makes me smile! Oh, and not to forget my Chanel bag, which is, as previously mentioned, much more than a status symbol or accessory.

Otherwise, I don’t like to highligh a specific piece of clothing, as this also depends on the season – but I have to mention one dress, my white evening gown. I call it swan dress, due to its feathers and corsage. An old friend, a men’s outfitter, made it years ago according to my desires. I love it so much, it contains so many memories and emotions. Every time I go on stage in this dress, I feel heavenly!

Nicole Rhoslynn in einem weißen Abendkleid
Model: Nicole Rhoslynn, Photo: Thomas Ernst

You have a son, are an opera singer, take photos for Instagram on a regular base, and manage to always look super stylish while doing so. How do you do this? Do you have any tips for us?

Thank you so much for these kind words! I actually plan a lot instead of being just spontaneously, as this is nearly impossible for me. The only spontaneous pictures of me arise from walks with my two men. So if I knew the next few weeks are already occupied, no matter, then I plan the next photo shoot in five weeks so this day can’t get blocked by something else. But if something very important occurs, I reschedule my other appointments in time. It’s just very important that you really want it, instead it will fizzle and one will be sad…

I put my hair up in rollers in the evening with my selfmade flaxseed hair gel. So I only have to brush out my hair in the morning an bring it in form. Big hats really lead to a quick “Wow!” – you only have to put up your hair, as one won’t see them, anyway. If you are insecure about your choise of outfit – less is more. It’s better to use basics that always work, instead of experiment, as you maybe get upset then. So if it must go quickly: A dress or basic blouse and skirt, teamed with neutral pumps in which you feel comfortable, and a hat. Or a turban – this is even less work, as noone will see how your hair looks, or if it’s unstyled.

Nicole Rhoslynn alias Madame Rhos mit ihrem Sohn
Model: Nicole Rhoslynn

As you mentioned every now and then, you only use organic cosmetics. This is a topic I’m very interested in myself. However, I sometimes find it hard, especially when it comes to makeup, to find organic alternatives. What are your favourite brands? And do you have any tips for everyone who wants starting to use organic cosmetics as well?

I’m really happy about the interest, as organic cosmetic actually really offers lots of amazing alternatives. At the beginning of the switching process, one can go to the drugstore, Alverde, for example, offers already much better alternatives than some years ago, when I switched to organic cosmetics. The 2in1 foundation actually is one of my favourites. Otherwise, it really depends on ones preferences and skin type.

Kjaer Weis is one of my favourite brands, as the products create a natural look if one has a perfect skin – with blemished skin, it’s a bit difficult, though. Nevertheless, the blushes (tip!), lipsticks, and eyeshadows (I use “Charmed” and “Wisdom” nearly every day), are really worth a glance. Oh and not to forget the highlighter “ravishing” – which even replaced my rms highligher, as “ravishing” looks more natural. By the way, I always recommend cream highlighter – the finish looks like a natural glow. If I’m on stage (or I need it for another plan), though, I use more, of course. But we are talking about everyday life, don’t we?

Furthermore, I want to mention Hiro and NUi – both brands are from Berlin. The foundations have great coverage, but look natural. Hiro eyeshadows are amazing – especially the pigments are unbeatable – because this is not standard in the organic cosmetic sector. There are great colours, without doubt, the pigments (Baims is unbelievable good pigmented in general) are, depending on the brand, so so good! But the colours – as beautiful as they might be – leave much to be desired, as they stay true to their cliché to be quite natural and inconspicuous instead of offering a variety of colours with which one can play. I, by the way, pressed the Hiro pigments simply by myself.

Lipsticks are an own world, ohhh… I simply smile and dream and you have to nudge me to come back to reality…

100 % pure, for me, resembles the semi matte lips of the 50s best – big love! Just like the foundations, which cover sooo good. (I already did several one brand looks on my YouTube channel, by the way.) Rodin is amazingly pigmented, nourishes the lips, and smells a-m-a-z-i-n-g-l-y! Ilias lipsticks are a dream as well and even leave a stein, which means even when the product removes during the day due to eating and drinking, the lips maintain the colour. Oh dear, I could go on with this forever, I have so many favourites!

Nicole Rhoslynn alias Madame Rhos trägt nur Naturkosmetik
Model: Nicole Rhoslynn

Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

You are perfect as you are! Even if you think “no, back than it wasn’t good, but now it’s better”, then it simply wasn’t the right time for this or that progress – no matter if in social, business, intellectual, creative, or outward sense! Be thankful for every experience, no matter if positive or negative – it let you grow!

Thank you so much for this interview, and thank you so so much that you read it!

Nicole Rhoslynn alias Madame Rhos mit einem Glas Wein
Model: Nicole Rhoslynn

Find Nicole Rhoslynn alias Madame Rhos here:

Disclaimer: This interview originally is in German. I translated it by myself but tried to translate Nicole’s answers as analogous and logical as possible.

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