Outfit Idea for Halloween: The Look of Wednesday Addams

How to create a Wednesday Addams Costume
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How to create a Wednesday Addams costume

Halloween is in less than two weeks and you still have no costume? Keep calm, as I have a super easy and cool solution for you: A costume inspired by Wednesday Addams. The girl that always look a bit grumpy and rather plays with a guillotine than dolls is such a gorgeous inspiration for the spooky time of the year! She definitely has a great style and you maybe already have everything you need to re-create her look in your closet!

PS: If you don’t know the Addams Family, make sure to watch this amazing movie!

RetroCat wearing a Halloween outfit inspired by Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams Costume – the Outfit Details:

Black dress with white collar: Jools Couture, similar here*

Tights: Fiore*

Shoes: similar here*

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How to create a Wednesday Addams Costume in a few easy Steps

RetroCat wearing braids and a makeup inspired by Wednesday Addams

To create an outfit inspired by Wednesday Addams, you need a little black dress with a white collar*. If you don’t have such a dress, you can also wear a blouse or shirt with a white collar underneath a subtle little black dress.

RetroCat wearing bat tights for Halloween

As it is Halloween, I went for some fancy bat tights. I don’t think Wednesday Addams was wearing these, but I am sure she would absolutely love them! When it comes to shoes, I recommend to wear not too high ones with some straps. And that’s all you need for the outfit!

The Look of Wednesday Addams

RetroCats Halloween costume inspired by the Addams Family

Now, we only need the right styling. Wednesday’s signature look are two braids and a scowl. If your hair is short, either go for a wig* or use some extensions to create the look!

The makeup of Wednesday Addams is quite subtle. I only used a little bit of dark eyeshadow, a subtle lipstick and mascara – that’s it. And now only remember to never smile and you are ready to go. 😉

I show you some more super easy Halloween outfits here, by the way.

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