Colors, Patterns & Messages: These are the hottest Tights Trends for 2023

Farben, Muster & Botschaften: Das sind die heißesten Strumpfhosen-Trends 2023
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The hottest tights trends 2023

Bright colors, cozy cable-knit patterns, deep messages and cool checks: the hottest tights this season are anything but boring. Rather, they bring color into everyday life and perfect our outfits. I’ll show you the hottest trends for your legs in this article.

The Trend Tights for 2023: Checked Pattern & Houndstooth

Tights trend 2023/2024: RetroCat in tights with a checkerboard pattern

What influencer Chiara Ferragni wears inevitably becomes a trend. For the tights this year that means: houndstooth pattern! (See this Instagram post). For example, tights with a houndstooth pattern are available from Calzedonia via About You*. Checked patterns and checkerboard patterns have also made it to the top of the 2023 tights trends.

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Very trendy: Warm Tights with Cable Knit Patterns

Fully on trend: RetroCat with knitted tights with a cable knit pattern

A wonderful trend for winter are cable knit tights. The warm models look ultra cozy and also keep us warm. A great choice to make that little black dress with a white collar winter-ready or to make the look look even cozier with a knitted dress.

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Bang! Colorful Tights bring Color into the Winter Dreariness

Bright tights trend: RetroCat with red tights with a mini dress

If we are lucky, nature enchants us with sparkling snow in winter. Most of the time, however, everything is gray on gray. An the twilight that sets in in the afternoon doesn’t help at all. A little color can’t hurt in everyday life. Brightly colored tights in red, yellow, pink etc. make our outfits more colorful in no time and put a smile on our face. If you’re brave, you can do color blocking and wear the colorful tights with outfits that are at least as colorful. On the other hand, it becomes more subtle with a black outfit and colorful tights. By the way, bright tights look particularly cool with cheeky mini dresses in a 60s look.

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Fancy Party Tights

Pearls, glitter, glamor and gemstones – unusual tights are the perfect companions for the party season. Perfect for celebrations from Christmas to New Year’s Eve, they make our outfits look even more glamorous. And combined in a more reserved way, they are even wonderful for everyday use. For example, my pearl tights from Calzedonia (e.g. via AboutYou*) accompanied me all over Paris. 😉

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Tights trends 2023/2024: Luxurious Monogram Tights

Trending according to RetroCat: Monogram tights

We now wear logos as monograms on our tights. It’s the perfect way to add a luxe look to our outfits without completely bankrupting us (unless you’re aiming for the beaded Monogram tights from Gucci, for example via Farfetch* ). Admittedly, spending such large sums of money on delicate tights hurts. But monogram tights look just so great with simple outfits in neutral colors like black and beige. And be sure to follow my care tips for tights, so you’ll enjoy them for a long time. 😉

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The Evergreen Pantyhose Trend: Animal Print

RetroCat in trendy tights with animal print

Leopard prints and zebra stripes have been very popular on tights in recent years and remain so this season too. No wonder, the animal prints make a rather reserved outfit look more stylish and wild in no time.

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Sophisticated: These Tights have a Message

Trend 2023/2024: RetroCat in tights with lettering as a seam

No matter whether loving (e.g. “Amore” via Amazon*), wicked (e.g. the “Tease Me” stockings from Agent Provocateur*) or profound (e.g. the Future is Female tights by Saint Sass via TopVintage*) – the trendy tights currently have a lot to say.

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