Colour-Blocking für Beginners, Advanced Fashionistas & Pros

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The colours black, white and grey are sublte, elegant and almost always work. But let’s be honest, sometimes outfits without any colour can also get a bit boring. To add that certain something to my looks, I love to experiment. Lately, I discovered colour-blocking. In this blogpost, I’m going to tell you what this actually is and what you should keep in mind.

What is Colour-Blocking?

The combination of two or more completely different (radiant) colours that are mostly even opposites on the colour wheel, is called colour-blocking. In fashion, this is commonly associated as a trend that orignated from the the artwork of the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.

Usually, colour-blocking describes the combination of bigger colour blocks. So small, colourful patterns are normally not considered as colour-blocking.

Sounds ways to colourful for you? Don’t worry! I’m going to lead you step by step to this trend and tell you what to keep in mind while teaming the colours. We don’t want to look like a canary bird, do we? So l’m also going to show you extraordinary pretty colour combinations that work really well.

Colour-Blocking for Beginners: Play with colourful Accessories

RetroCat in einer Farbkombination aus Marineblau und Rosa

If you are not really into colours, it definitely makes sense to start with wearing accessories in a different colour than your outfit. Here, I teamed a navy blue dress with light pink accessories. Although this isn’t really colour-blocking (the rose is not bright/radiant enough), it definitely is a pretty good start into the world of colours. If you are brave enough or would like to improve your colour-blocking skills, you can team blue with a radiant pink!

Colour-Blocking for Beginners: Start with two Colours

RetroCat mit einer Colour-Blocking-Kombination aus Pink und Rot

At the beginning, it definitely make sense to start with teaming only two different colours. Red and pink, for example, are a great idea (and are also perfect for upcoming Valentine’s Day, by the way. ;-))!

Colour-Blocking for Beginners: Wear colour-matching Accessories

Fashion-Bloggerin RetroCat in einem Cardigan in Rot und Rosa

If you wear an outfit with different colours, it is a good idea to team it with colour-matching accessories. This makes the look more harmonious. Wearing accessories in different colours is for brave fashionistas and pros (see last point). 😉

Colour-Blocking for Beginners: Keep the Colour Temperature in Mind

Sandra vom Mode-Blog RetroCat mit gelbem Top und roter Tasche

After we started with lighter colours, we are no ready to wear bright and radiant shades! However, to make your colour-blocking look harmonious, it is important to keep the colour temperatures in mind. A warm, bright yellow looks great in combination with a warm red, for example. Cooler shades, on the other side, go best with other cool shades.

Colour-Blocking for Advanced Fashionistas: Dare to wear “No-Go” colour combinations

Colour-Blocking: Sandra vom Fashion-Blog RetroCat trägt ein außergewöhnliches Retro-Kleid von Grünten Mode

In Germany, we say “Rot und Blau trägt Kaspers Frau”, which means “red and blue wears Punch’s wife” (this actually don’t sounds as good in English as in German, haha.) But we all know that common fashion rules usually don’t give a go for this colour combination. However, done the right way, red and blue can look absolutely amazing together, as my stunning Kelly Dress by Grünten Mode proves. You only should keep in mind that such extraordinary colour combinations look best when you wear minimalistic cuts and subtle accessories. Black and white details also help to calm the look a little bit down.

Colour-Blocking for Pros: Team at least three different Colours

Vintage-Fashion-Bloggerin RetroCat in einem Ensemble in Lila und Gelb

If you now dare to wear the most extraordinary colour combinations, you are ready to team at least three or even more colours. I recommend to start with the third colour in form of accessories or shoes.

A sublime colour combination that I even saw in the latest Miu Miu collection, is lilac and yellow. Both shades look absolutely amazing together, no matter if they are radiant or pastel-coloured. However, such looks should always look “styled”. This means you should team it with fashionable accessories and shoes. Fancy jewellery or accessories in a third colour, like pink for example, are a great idea. I added that extra “Wow!” to my look (ensemble is by Grünten Mode) with my huge pink earrings by Glitter Paradise (shop them here). PS: Find the full outfit with all detail here.

However, in the end there is only one colour-blocking rule that really matters:

Be brave and try something new! Admiring glances are guaranteed!

By the way: In this blogpost, I introduce the colour trends of 2019!

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