Black Pantyhose on the Rise: A classic Tights Trend

Die schwarze Feinstrumpfhose ist der Strumpfhosen-Trend des Jahres
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The black pantyhose is one of the trend tights of the year

Brightly colored, patterned, loud and often with a message – the tights trends this year are anything but boring. While I’ve already shared the season’s hottest styles with you, there’s one trend that’s particularly classic and understated. Black hosiery! We probably all already have them in our closets, but we certainly didn’t think of them as particularly trendy. Black nylons are really very practical. They make our legs look beautiful, are very elegant, cover up one or another razor bumps on the leg and go wonderfully with chic outfits. As a retro lover, I’ve been wearing black nylons and stockings with my looks for years, but it wasn’t really modern for a long time. Now you can see more and more stars wearing the elegant black stockings, including Taylor Swift and Chiara Ferragni. They have even made it onto the hottest catwalks in fashion capitals. In this article I’ll tell you how to perfectly showcase the black pantyhose.

How to find the perfect black Pantyhose

Tights trend: RetroCat's tip on how to find the perfect black pantyhose

There is hardly anything more sensitive than black stockings. While one or two flaws can be overlooked on skin-colored or brown models, they are usually immediately noticeable on dark stockings. Regardless of whether there are running stitches or just a small pulled thread – if the black tights are no longer in perfect condition, they quickly look unkempt. My tip is therefore to choose a high-quality model if possible. For example, I personally like the tights from Wolford*, Calzedonia (e.g. via About You*), Kunert (e.g. via Amazon*) and Falke (e.g. via Amazon*).

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The right den number for your black stockings

RetroCat wearing black pantyhose with an elegant outfit

Denier, or short “den”, is an old French unit of weight and is still mainly used today to determine women’s stockings. For example, 15 den means that the yarn used weighs 15 grams per 9,000 meters. The lower the denier number, the finer the stockings. Stockings with a yarn thickness of over 40 denier are now considered opaque, while those under 15 denier are considered sheers. I personally recommend 10 to 20 denier for the classic “sheer stocking look”. PS: You can find even more interesting knowledge about tights in my stocking ABC.

Tip for cold winter days: There are now cozy, warm thermal tights that give the illusion of fine stockings (e.g. via Amazon*). This means your legs stay warm even in sub-zero temperatures, but your look is still absolutely in vogue.

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Shiny, Satin or Matt: The perfect Finish

RetroCat wearing black stockings: How to find the perfect den number

Tights are available in shiny, matt or a satin finish. Personally, I prefer the latter. A satin finish doesn’t look too “dull”, but it also doesn’t shine too much and therefore creates a really beautiful leg, in my opinion.

Are your tights slipping? This tip helps

RetroCat wearing sheer nylons in the snow
Garter belts hold your stockings in place

There is hardly anything more annoying than slipping tights. With a few tips you can quickly get it under control. If you like, you can simply choose beautiful nylon stockings that are attached to garter belts. These stay in place really well – provided you choose the right suspender belt. If you prefer tights, there are models with a control top (e.g. from Wolford*). The panties not only create a slim silhouette, but also sit nicely and slip less. Otherwise, you can easily make a similar construction yourself. Simply wear well-fitting underwear (preferably in the form of hot pants, e.g. via Amazon*) OVER the tights.

By the way: In order not to ruin your great tights straight away, I recommend that you take a look at my care tips for nylons and stockings.

How to style black Nylons in an elegant and classy way

The dark stockings look wonderful with elegant midi-length dresses and skirts. This look looks classic, elegant and timeless. If you want it even more authentic, go for black nylons with seams.

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How to style black pantyhose in a secutive way

RetroCat wearing a fitted pencil dress and black pantyhose

Black stockings also look great and very seductive with figure-hugging pencil dresses (you can find very beautiful ones at TopVintage*, for example). Of course, you can also choose models with seams to make the look even more exciting.

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How to style black Pantyhose in a cheeky & modern way

Black tights look modern and cheeky in combination with mini dresses and skirts. By the way, this is exactly the look that fashionistas are currently going for.

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