Pearls, Pearls, Pearls: Jewellery à la Coco Chanel

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls: Jewellery à la Coco Chanel
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The most beautiful jewellery & accessories with pearls

Pearls are THE jewellery classic and simply always look great – Coco Chanel already knew that. If you now think of kind of old-fashioned pearl necklaces worn with a suit, you might be surprised. Pearls can look very modern, fashionable and super stylish! When it comes to pearls, my motto always is: more is more! Fancy pearl jewellery looks very cool and is perfect to spice up your outfit.

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From classy to stylish: Pearl Necklaces

Let’s start with a classic: the pearl necklace. I personally love wearing big pearls or layered necklaces à la Coco Chanel. Another great alternative is a pearl choker (via Farfetch*, for example).

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Wonderful Pearl Bracelet

RetroCat wearing a vintage pearl bracelet

Pearls are also a great choice for your wrist. I wear my pearl bracelets with both, by the way, daytime and evening outfits.

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Classy: Pearl Earrings

RetroCat wearing classy pearl earrings

Pearl earrings are always a good idea! I wore them with my wedding outfit, in everyday life, as well as on evening occasions. They are available in subtle and small, or fancy and big.

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Extraordinary beautiful: Hair Jewelry with Pearls

RetroCat wearing a cool pearl headband

You can wear pearls even in your hair! No matter if headbands or hair clippers – pearls will literally crown your outfit!

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Elegant Pearl Rings

Pearls in a cocktail glass

Pearls look great on your fingers as well! Rings with pearls are glamorous, elegant, but never over-the-top.

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Garments with Pearls

RetroCat wearing a cardigan with pearls

Garments with pearl decorations are great, as you won’t need any futher jewellery. They are a bit hard to wash, though. 😉

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Handbags with Pearls

A pink handbag with pearls

A handbag is a must for me. And for glamorous party outfits, I recommend handbags with pearls! I even wore such a bag on my wedding day.

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