Revival of the brown Pantyhose: Tight Trend 2022

Revival of the brown Pantyhose: Tight Trend 2022
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The brown pantyhose is en vogue again!

After a long time, during which many women rather were cold than wearing other pantyhose then black ones, better times for our legs are finally here! The brown pantyhose is back in fashion! And these have many advantages: They keep our legs warm, while making them look gorgeous. And the best: They even go well with outfits that wouldn’t look great with black ones.

Brown Pantyhose: Why you should invest in this kind of Hosiery

RetroCat wearing brown nylons with a seam: tight trend 2022

Sheer, brown tights are simply the perfect choice. Always choose a shade that is darker than your skin tone and make sure to choose tights with not more than 30 or 40 DEN (if you don’t know what DEN means, make sure to check out my Hosiery ABC) for a more glamorous look. The dark brown and sheer tights will make your legs look amazing and also go very well with many different outfits.

A light Brown

Tights that are only a little bit darker than your own skin tone will make your legs look sun-kissed and very natural.

They are perfect for chily autumn days, when you still want to wear your summery dresses. Furthermore, they go super well with outfits in bright colours like beige, for example.

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Seamed Nylon Stockings in Brown

Brown nylons with a seam are the glamour version of the tights mentioned before. They will draw all the attention to your legs, but still look kind of subtle and super elegant.

While a pantyhose works perfectly well with mini dresses, I usually choose dresses and skirts in midi-length, whenever I want to wear stockings.

By the way: In this blogpost, I tell you how to find the right stocking size.

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Extraordinary beautiful: Stockings in Copper

RetroCat wearing copper coloured nylons with a wintery retro outfit

Nylons and tights in copper can look gorgeous, but are a litte bit harder to style. However, if worn with the right outfit, they can be the cherry on the cake.

I personally love to wear my copper-coloured stockings with warm colours and christmassy outfits. Furthermore, they go super well with chestnut-coloured boots.

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A dark brown Pantyhose for elegant Looks

Let’s come to the most elegant brown hosiery: dark brown nylons or tights. They look especially glamorous with a backseam!

Dark brown hosiery goes super well with beige and other shades of brown. They even look amazing in combination with black, by the way!

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