Glitter, Glamour, Pearls: Glamorous Tights for Winter

Glitzer, Glamour, Perlen: Glamouröse Strumpfhosen für den Winter
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Glamorous tights for winter

Snow-capped mountains, frosty temperatures and iced roads – winter is here. But that doesn’t mean we have to live without glamorous hosiery. There are numerous tights that keep you warm even in the cold season and give the outfit the necessary amount of glamor.

Glamorous Tights with Pearls

With their smooth, shimmering surface, pearls look incredibly elegant. And while they might look a bit outdated when worn around the neck, they look great on the legs. By the way, I really like wearing my fishnet tights with pearls over warm but boring-looking thermal tights. This way they look super glamorous and I don’t have to freeze. At About You*, for example, you will find really beautiful opaque tights from Calzedonia. To be honest, despite hours of research, I couldn’t find any other pearl tights at the moment. So if you know of another brand that has tights with pearls in its range, please tell me!

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Glamorous Tights with Rhinestones

Unlike pearl tights, there can be found many glamorous rhinestone stockings. Fishnet tights with rhinestones (e.g. via Amazon*) can be worn wonderfully over warm thermal tights as well. Stockings with rhinestones, on the other hand, look great with festive outfits for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The Nausicaa tights from Trasparenze (e.g. via Ars-Vivendi*) are particularly beautiful.

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Sparkly Tights for that extra Amount of Glamour

RetroCat wearing galmorous tights with sparkly details for Christmas

You don’t always need rhinestones to make tights sparkle. This has the advantage that you cannot accidentally damage the tights with its own rhinestones, so glitter stockings in particular may be a little more durable. There are models that simply glitter everywhere (for example tights made of lurex, such as those from Leg Avenue via Amazon*). But individual glittering details such as dots or decorated bows also make a difference. The tights with the glittering bow seam are from Trasparenze and, for example, available via The Tight Spot* (with the code RETROCAT you even get a 10% discount).

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Elegant & stylish: Stockings with sparkly Seams

Stockings with glittering seams look particularly elegant. These appear less intrusive and more reserved than completely glittering models, but are still very glamorous. By the way, the black nylons with gold seams are from Secrets in Lace. Tights with an attached seam made of rhinestones, such as the Afrodite tights from Trasparenze (e.g. via Ars-Vivendi*), also look very chic.

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Glamorous Tights with fancy Details

RetroCat wearing glamorous tights with fancy details by Oroblu

If the previously mentioned tights are not extravagant enough for you, you should definitely take a look at the following models. From tights with glittering clips (from Calzedonia, e.g. via About You*) to ones decorated with large glittering stones (also from Calzedonia, e.g. via About You*), it can’t be fancy enough here.

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